What if Goku Married Bulma? Part 4 – A Dragonball Discussion

One of the most requested what ifs I’ve ever received and in the entire Dragon Ball fandom: What if Goku Married Bulma? Today, the gang have to stop Frieza from getting the Dragon Balls? Will Goku and Vegeta be able to save the day or might Piccolo do something?


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  1. It would be funny is Burunga also created a fake dragon to go along with the Dargon Ballz. He could be Retardro or something, who just looks cross-eyed at everyone once summoned and no matter what they wish for, all he can do is summon bowls of ice cream.

  2. Here’s one for you, what if Cell traveled back in time to Dragon Ball so he could absorb all the Androids?
    Keep in mind, with his competitive nature he would have tried to of course alter history so that Goku and friends got stronger Faster all so he had someone to not only to keep up with but also to prevent boredom, of course he would also have gone to Namek and already being significantly stronger than Frieza before he started absorbing androids and with Androids 1-12 in him at the time he would be significantly stronger.
    This also brings up the question as well what if Cell absorbed Android #20?

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