What if Kid Goku Went Super Saiyan P2 – A Dragonball Discussion

What if Goku went Super Saiyan as a kid? In DRAGON BALL instead of Z? Krillin still dies, but it’s not the death that you think. What happens afterwards? Today we continue our discussion by branching out into the adventures of Namek. Who goes with Goku to the Namekian Homeworld?!

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  1. I think Masakox used the “Goku kills his enemy”-option to easily. He definitely wouldn’t kill Dodorian just because he kidnapped Gohan. He diddn’t even do this with Radditz, he only kills if he has no other option. And I’m pretty sure he would want to see Friezas last form and even after that he wouldn’t just kill him. He even gave him part of his energy in the manga so that he could escape. Why would he just kill him now if he isn’t even a threat?
    Maybe it’s because of the way that Super portays Goku, but just killing his opponent if he has other options is not in character for canon Goku.

    Also I think if King Kai offerd to train Goku, the other Z fighters would join him.

    In the end I think the human fighters would turn out stronger in this scenario. But we also don’t know if Goku would just kill himself by using ssj that often, at a point where he was still that weak.
    Otherwise he could even turn out to become much stronger early. Ssj is basically a limit-breaker for sayans, after unlocking it, he should be able to become stronger much faster. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a powerlevel comparable to Frieza by the time the sayans arrive on earth. Maybe he even masters ssj2 or 3 by this point. Being able to use it since childhood should give him alot experience with this form an he’d immediately start looking for the next level.

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