What if Nappa Turned Good – A Dragonball Discussion

Hey, Vegeta! Look! What If Week for November ends with a surprise entry. What if Nappa Turned Good? How would he survive Vegeta’s attack and go on to help the Dragon Ball Z cast going to Namek? All of this and more as Goku takes on the minion in this new adventure! Let’s review, discuss and have an analysis!

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  1. This one isn’t half bad. Like the ending with Future Nappa.

  2. I’d hate to go with power levels, but I DO recall that Freiza stated Nails’ power level as 87,000, and Jace once mentioned Captain Ginyu topped out at about 120,000 or so. Given just how much more powerful Ginyu was than Jace and Berter (the 2 next most powerful members of the team) I’d estimate that Nail would be at least a match for any member of the Ginyu force besides Captain Ginyu himself, though he’d be outnumbered 4 to 1, especially if Gohan and Krillin get eliminated like they did in the proper show.

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