What if Raditz Turned Good? Part 5 – A Dragonball Discussion

If Raditz became a good guy and switched sides in the Saiyan saga of Dragon Ball, how would that have changed the course of Dragon Ball? Part 5 sees Raditz preparing for the Cell Games alongside his training partner, Piccolo. How do they fare and what can they do to help?

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  1. I think Trunks would still fuse with Goten, after all expecting an 8 year old boy to get so…lets say intimate with a girl is kind of a stretch. I would bet that Raunch and Trunk’s relationship could be its own source of drama though. Imagine if they showed signs of liking each other, Vegeta might consider her to be some kind of commoner, not good enough for the son of a prince. Not to mention the two of them can barely stand each other anyway…

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