What if Senzu Beans Never Existed? – A Dragonball Discussion

Dragonball has relied upon these mythical legumes for years and years, but what if they never existed? Without the senzu beans, would the world of Dragonball been much different? Oh most definitely. A world where an unlikely Saiyan actually means something!

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  1. ISignedUpJustToSayThis

    I live this kind of alternative history. What about cell and the androids? Im guessing it would be focused on a different target, but it’s a ticking time bomb all the same.

    • Dr. Gero would die so early he’d probably not complete the androids… as a followup also Cell….

      • He only started work on the Androids in order to defeat Goku. He would never have collected most of the DNA for Cell.

      • Not necessarily, Gero was always hiding and only came out when he was sure he would win. He would just keep hiding until he had androids that could beat Piccolo or later Raditz. Piccolo and Raditz wouldn’t be ablet to track him, because they can’t sense others ki, and they were only interested in ruling/killing earths population. If he hid himself underground he might be able to finish some of his androids.
        But Majin Buu would certainly kill him and his androids if he survived.

        • I like where this is going, but consider this other variable. Buu was only freed early thanks to draining a ‘cooperative’ Super Saiyan and Vegeta’s betrayal. With those gone, there’s a good chance the androids could stop Babidi before Buu woke up, but they have to defeat Dabura. It could turn into an evenly matched science vs magic fight depending on if Gero kept cranking out androids.

          • The only cyborg that could beat Dabura was Cell and without the samples from Frieza ,Vegeta and a few others he would have been way weaker. I doubt Gero would have something that could deal with Dabura and Babidi that take him by surprise under these circumstances
            But it would definitely be an interesting fight and really cool to see. It’s a pity that the writers of DB Super aren’t coming up with this kind of ideas.

  2. I think Masako should consider making this a semi regular thing, “DBZ What If..?”

  3. Goku would probably not have died at that point without the Senzu beans. If the healing was really necessary to better Goku’s odds in surviving the ultra divine water, they would have just waited until he healed naturally. The only difference would be that he wouldn’t be there in time to save Tien and that district King Piccolo was going to destroy, but that could have been fixed with the dragonballs later.
    Goku would probably just have died against Frieza or even Ginyu, the Senzu combined with his Zenkai boost was an essential part of his training, so he would have been way weaker on Namek.
    Maybe he would have even died against Vegeta, with him being there late he woudn’t have the support of Krillin and Gohan, which also would have been useless without a Senzu bean.
    That would have resulted in Vegeta destroying earth and then being killed by Friezer when he tries to steal the dragonballs.

  4. It wouldn’t end with Freezer.
    Babidi would still come to earth to free Boo, and then Freezer would have a big pink problem.

    • By that point Frieza would have already sold earth, Buu would kill the new owners, but Frieza’s clan knows that it’s better to just avoid Buu. He might lose some of his Planets but, would eventually survive.

  5. In short, everyone would have been dead LONG before the events of Dragonball Z, and King Piccolo would have ruled up until Raditz came along and killed him and took over.

    Now that IS scary… Raditz being the strongest being on the planet for a long time…

    • King Piccolo might have a chance if Kami agrees to fuse with him, but that seems unlikely.

      After killing everyone Raditz would just give the planet zu Frieza, who would then sell it. Raditz just came to get Goku as backup to conquer a certain planet with Vegeta and Nappa. He has no reson to stay on earth. After that the new owners of earth would just be killed by Babidi and Majin Buu anyway.

  6. Being an old hermit I do maintain a small senzu plant in my garden. I only use them for emergencies though. What they don’t tell you on the show is those 3 weeks you don’t have to eat you have terrible, terrible gas. Goku ain’t using his ki to fly, if you know what I mean.

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