What If The DBZ Movies Were Canon? – A Dragonball Discussion

Dragonball Z’s timeline is common knowledge in the community as is the notion that the movies are not ‘canon’; but what if they were?

Today I’m having a little bit of fun and putting a forward an idea that ties all thirteen Dragonball Z movies into one coherent timeline separate from the original story. From Dead Zone to Wrath of the Dragon, we are going to change history!

Special thanks to Vitas Varnas for the suggestion!

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  1. dead zone is cannon, and they show bojack in hell

    • Huh when was it?
      If it in GT
      Whole GT isn’t canon

    • That is not how DBZ canon works. Dead Zone is not canon… it is the SUPER ANDROID 13 movie that is canon. For if they do not have androids 13, 14, and 15, how could they have Androids 16 and up? My logic is so flawless, it becomes SUPER CANON.

      The movie showed how Goku could still do stuff with the Spirit Bomb while in Super Saiyan form, foreshadowing the manga’s ending for even MORE CANON. Which makes my claim reach SUPER CANON 2, and therefor more CANON than even Perfect Cell. That in turn means Saiyans CANONICALLY become suspended upside down in water for some reason.

      That is how DBZ canon works. You must reach SUPER CANON 3 within the next few minutes to disagree, for its CANONICITY does not last long.

      • I’m not sure I should treat you seriously? First of all fact that there future numbered androids not make previous numbers canon, as not every attempt need to be successful and in fact most wasn’t.

        But still.. do something as “canon” really mater in Dragon Ball? It is basically a comic book universe with typical comic book logic. Debate about canon would have sense only if something would contradict or retcon something important (or be so hideous that people would want erase it) but Dragon Ball core story is so simple that don’t mater. That people don’t talk about something don’t mean it didn’t happened. Do people seriously don’t have other problems?

        Also DBZ canon? So first Dragon Ball didn’t happened or something? Maybe that was your point that it is stupid?

  2. My theory is that if you need to argue whether or not something is canon — it’s a load of shit. This applies to anything this word is used with.

    Also, I never actually got around to watching the movies, only ever heard they were bad and too old to enjoy new dragonball stuff now — at least, judging by how absolute shit the first few episodes of dragonball super felt. *shudders* I doubt it’s actually much/any worse than any dragonball thing, I think nostalgia just protects dragonball for me, and I’d have hated it as an adult.

    Really, when I think about DBZ these days, all I can think of is Team Four Star’s abridged.

    I do still love DragonBall tho — I’ve never understood how it isn’t much, much more popular than DBZ, I even prefer GT to DBZ.

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