What if Trunks was Stuck in the Past? – A Dragonball Discussion

What if Trunks couldn’t go home? What if he had to stick around in the past and help the Z Warriors train for the cyborg threat? Would he be of use or would he just get in the way? Well, let’s find out!

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  1. rebuttal, without Trunks being able to return to the future imperfect cell emerges in that timeline and finds androids 17 & 18, absorbing them and becoming perfect cell. When Trunks returns to deal with the androids once and for all he finds that the androids are gone and imperfect cell is the major threat, he might even have to go back to the past and recruit help to defeat this threat because nobody ever discovered super sayan 2 this time around.

  2. But it’s grape flavored!

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