Where Does Dragonball Super Go From here? – A Dragonball Discussion

Dragonball Super has had a whirlwind of publicity over the last few weeks, but now that the Future Trunks arc is drawing to a close, where can it go from here? Has the damage from a poorly received ending harmed the series before it has a chance to flourish? Let’s talk about where the show can go to establish itself.

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  1. I disagree with the comment of wanting to see a return of super long drawn out battles and padding. This is like saying we want all Resident Evil games to have deliberately awful voice acting because that defined the franchise.

    It’s always going to be debatable what elements of a show are okay to change and what must stay the same. So can appreciate what Masakox is saying but I think a shows rewatchability is important and the old dragon ball series are hard to revisit due to pacing issues.

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