Where the hell is Shameful Sequels? – MikeJ

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Of course, Infomercialism and the other randomness will continue, but it would be super amazing if you could back the book, and I promise in return I’ll make more Shameful Sequels, as well as the other perks offered on Unbound 🙂

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Movie review shows from Mike Jeavons, a British Person, including "Shameful Sequels" & "Hang on a Second", along with music videos and sketches.


  1. NO. You write the book, Then I’ll read it, then I’ll make the choice to give you money at THAT point. Why am I giving you money for a book that doesn’t exist. This is NOT how publishing works.(Unless you’re already famous and have something we want secret for you to tell us.) Have you written a first chapter? Is their a way for me to read it and consider giving you my hard earned cash?
    Just first day questions here Mike.

  2. Yay! I can’t wait to see your cat in some of your videos. Unfortunately, I can’t fund anything right now since I’m unemployed though. Sorry, but I wish you the best.

  3. ZetaCheesecake

    Write an opening chapter and put it up as a taster or give an solid example of the writing and then I might back the book. Asking people to pre pay for a non existent novel from a writer who has never published a novel before is kind of a weak pitch.

    • Mike has written 2 books, actually. Both very enjoyable. “The Secret Circle of Imaginary Friends” and “The Imaginary Friends and the Box of Desires”.

      But I do agree. It would be a good idea for you to write a chapter and share it in order to get people interested, Mike.

  4. It would help if you actually included a link in with the video, rather than just flashing the address up on the screen for two seconds. It’s like you’re deliberately making it difficult to do the thing you want us to do.

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