Who Brought Coke to the Fancy Party? – Weekly Manga Recap

Caesar Clown is very passionate about the Rocky franchise.

Black Clover 44 – 08:40
Bleach 657 – 27:10
Fairy Tail 467 – 40:51
Food Wars 149 – 55:38
My Hero Academia 73 – 1:10:40
One Piece 811 – 1:32:13
Toriko 353 – 1:47:18
World Trigger 126 – 1:49:45

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Rollo T needs to use the word “マンガ” or “まんが”. The kanji characters “戯画” can also be used. The third character that is texted in hiragana does not exist. The texted character looks like “み”but of course the character “ん” is required.


The Japanese character for Manga is 漫画. 戯画 is Japanese character for Giga.

Candy Stark

That character looks like yo and mi had a baby… よ・み = whatever they have up there. XD;


I would suggest changing ウィークリ to ウィークリー.

Example of usage: http://www.weekly-mansion.com/

レーカプ should also be changed to リキャップ.
レーカプ is pronounced like ray cap which is incorrect.
A possibility that is also incorrect is リカプ.
リキャップ is the correct way of translating recap. キャップ is how the word cap is translate into Japanesei(like baseball cap). Another example is the word cat translate to キャット.

Example of usage: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%AA%E3%82%AD%E3%83%A3%E3%83%83%E3%83%97

This word is not the same meaning as the recap you are using however it is the same pronunciation.

Candy Stark

Honestly, for weekly, I’d just use Maishuu as in ‘every week’ so, recap of manga’ so maishuu o manga no rikyapu would probably make the most sense.

Candy Stark
This is driving me absolutely CRAZY… In the title card on the opening scene, you have manga in hiragana, but the second character in ‘manga’ is incorrect. The second character looks like a deformed yo よ and not a ‘n’ which is ん so ‘manga’ in hiragana (though… WHY HIRAGANA THERE? Just use 漫画 ) is まんが… If you wanted to say ‘weekly manga recap’ in Japanese a decent translation would be ‘The everyweek recap of manga’ which is 毎週をマンガのリカプ maishuu o manga no ricapu (as hiragana is done by sound it’s ri not re there because ‘recap’ sounds like ‘ricap’ in… Read more »