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Why would any sane, rational gamer pre-order games when so many have burned us in the past? Tyger has some ideas…

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  1. Now-a-days “first” usually is met by a wall of negative reply’s …. anyway …
    I personally wait a very long time after launch to buy a game or system. Absolutely too much broken manure. In the “technology adoption lifecycle” I’m classified as a “laggard” because I buy and play ‘stuff’ that is over 10 years old.

  2. I have 2 theories on why people do that “first” thing: 1) people want to demonstrate their support for something and being first is showing their loyalty or 2) it’s a game that people play, kinda like a race.

  3. But, I need to get to the latest level cap fast!!!! It seems like you were talking more console games than online games. The only games I pre-order are the latest wow expansion and pokemon, both games I knew I am going to play through anyhow and being able to play right at launch is it’s own reward. Legion had an amazingly smooth launch and you didn’t even need to relog at midnight.

    Ironically, both games do not have pre-order gifts. Might be something to that, like, they know they are going to sell lots of copies so they don’t see a reason to try and sucker you into the pre-order.

  4. Honestly, I’ll admit to pre-ordering games. I don’t do it as often as I use to, and I only do it if three criteria are met: 1) It’s a physical copy of the game (console games, as I get most of my PC games through online retailers,) 2)It’s a game I know I want to play (generally speaking, a sequel to a game I love, and have probably played more than once) and don’t want spoiled, and 3) it’s got a collector’s edition with some physical swag I want.

    Of course, there’s also the added benefit that I now get 20% off my pre-orders through Amazon Prime, but that’s jes bonus.

  5. First up, I know it’s old fashioned, but I just like to have physical copy of a game when I can get one. It won’t stop me from getting a game online, but it’s much more how I like to buy my games. As for Preordering, I’ve got only two reasons for it. If there’s something substantial to be gotten for it (Getting South Park the Stick of Truth when you preorder the new one is a rather good example). I also tend to preorder pricier games so I can take the time between ordering it and release to pay for it. The only game that I’ve run into doing this with is Skylanders as I tend to go for the Dark versions that go for 100 bucks and I’d hate to drop that off the bat.

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