Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Delibird? – Il Neige

Il Neige dives back into the Pokeverse with an anthem for the series’ biggest underdog. Seriously, why doesn’t anybody like Delibird?

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  1. The beginning sounds a little bit like a slower version of “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Only a true fan would make a song about delibird and that’s you neige. Your so obsessed with him you’d even probably bring him to the movies or on your first date with a girlfriend.

    Still a catchy tune and is there a wwh2w a new one coming up cause if so what movie will you be reviewing for that?

  3. It’S not just Delibird, Ice is in general one of the two worst types in the game, the other one being Rock. Grass has at least some unique gimmicks like Leech Seed or Spore. But hopefully, now that we’ve nerfed dragons, maybe Ice will get a buff in the next generation? Maybe?

    Anyway, this is very catchy. I’m afraid I’ll be humming this song the next two days.

    • Ice (and Flying) are both weak to common attack types and mostly just strong against the weak ones like as you mentioned grass and rock; Now that we have Fairy types that can no-sell dragon type attacks and not only blast them right back, their attacks are useful against some of the most commonly dangerous types like fighting and dark. Their main useful trait has been supplanted.

  4. Delibird has a lot against him: bad type combination, bad stats, lack of a level up learnset restricting him to TM/HMs, tutors, and Egg Moves, two abilities that do the same thing effectively only giving him two to work with and the other, Hustle, is a mixed bag.

    He could be saved with a better ability or better stats, but since GameFreak doesn’t like retconning things like that the only way he’d ever get better is with an evolution or Mega, preferably a evolution as it’s not bound by a simple 100 base stat total increase and he’d be able to actually hold an item without his Mega stone.

  5. To be honest, I like delibird. heck he was my first shiny.

  6. Delibird has quite a lot of haters for a Pokémon that saves peoples’ lives on a regular basis. Then again, kids these days don’t even read their Pokédex…

  7. His ability sucks, at first Delibird’s signature move didn’t work right…. Which leads to another thing, Delibird’s signature move, the only unique thing about him, doesn’t even get STAB or a good typing AND it has a chance to heal the enemy instead of hurt them! Then there’s the horrible stats. I mean, compare Delibird to something like Vanilluxe. Vanilluxe’s HP is 26 points higher, atk and def are 40 points higher, Sp.atk is 45 points higher, Sp.def is 50 points higher, and spd is 4 points higher. So it’s essentially better in every way by around 20-40 points per stat with the exception of speed which is still slightly higher!

    I really wish Delibird could get an evolution to make him better because there’s just nothing to this thing to make it good except for maybe it’s unique typing that is only shared by a legendary. Even then, it’s typing is just sort-of an average number of resistances and weaknesses. The only way to save this thing would be a physical-based evolution or a mega form with Refrigerate or Parental Bond so you could at least get SOMETHING out of his signature move which has a 10% chance to heal 20% regardless of stats and whether or not the pokemon has Parental Bond to hit twice with.

    Also, Delibird with a Deli-kid would be freaking adorable.

  8. Stealth rock

    Anyway, Delibird was on my “there is no weak pokemon” team in Soulsilver.

  9. I actually do like delibird, mainly for starring in my favorite minigane in stadium 2, despite the fact that he is abysmal in literally everyway a pokemon can be bad gameplay wise. From abilities, to moveset, typing and starts, he has nothing to really offer. Here’s hoping he gets an evolution and a mega and a buff to ice types.

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