Why is Jessica Jones the best Marvel Netflix Series?

Today Justin discusses what sets Jessica Jones apart from the other Netflix series (Daredevil and Luke Cage).

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  1. The aborted tissue was collected by Kilgrave. He had his father use it in the attempts to amplify his powers.
    However, I love the idea of The Purple Girl/Woman showing up in season 2 as a supporting player. I like the idea of Jessica encountering (either knowingly or not) a more moral individual who possesses similar powers to Kilgrave, and the dynamic of Kara trying to learn more about Kilgrave and about the person who killed him could be fascinating.

    • Hogarth will find a way!!

      • Well, to be fair, the whole “Thousand Cuts” incident also appeared to teach her a bit of a lesson.
        I’m honestly rather curious as to whom they could potentially use as an antagonist for the second season. Jessica has a more limited history than the other Netflix characters, so they’d have to come up with a character who was street-level but could provide an interesting contrast for her character. The problem is that not too many characters come to mind.

        • I imagine we’ll see more of Simpson’s military past come up as a storyline. Personally I would like to see Jessica chasing down the origins of her powers, which could open the door for the new antagonist.

    • I think Purple Girl already made an appearance… and that its Robyn.

      She and her brother don’t know their father and their age makes it possible to be Kilgraves children (assuming he had unprotected sex from age 14 on, which is certainly within character for him).

      Also, when Robyn confronts the support group in the diner, she tells them to go after Kilgrave… and they go along with it, without further questions. In that scene, when she says this line, there is some purple light from a neon sign outside falling on her face, which is often used as a visual cue for Kilgraves powers in the series.

  2. So let me get this straight: instead of making the show about issues, she decided just to take the characters and tell a compelling story? WHAT A NOVEL CONCEPT! And the result is that we have a strong female hero that they aren’t having to try to make a strong female hero, or having to tell us that she is? BRILLIANT! It’s almost like this is what Hollywood should really be trying to do.

    Also, you have to love that that one part where it’s implied that, at some point, Kilgrave had to have told his servants, “Don’t Blink! Blink and you’re dead!”

    • I DO agree that JJ does both of these very well. The ONLY reason JJ is able to do it so well, I think, is because Melissa and her team are concentrating on character first which then leads into the different issues.

      With Luke Cage, however, I didn’t feel that show had the same character focused mindset as JJ. Luke was great in JJ, but in his own show I thought he was lame.

      I’d have to re-watch Daredevil to comment on the gentrification.

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