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You read that right. However, you gotta watch to learn why. Tyger talks about why he hates horror games.

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  1. When I was about twelve I was staying at a friend’s house and as I was walking out of the bathroom her brother jump-scared me. My instinctive response was to slap him across the back so hard I left a red hand print.

    “Fear is when you think you’re about to lose control. Terror is when you’ve lost control. Horror is when you realize you’re not getting control back.” Fucking. Brilliant.

    “Being dead isn’t scary, getting dead is.” Reminds me of a bit from a movie where a villain asks a sidekick to the hero: “Do you fear death?” And the guy replies: “Just the process.” That’s spot on to me.

    Jeepers man. That death scene in the road is like when my friend told me about watching a squirrel who…nah it’s too sad. 🙁

  2. I think you’re not giving a fair cop to Bloodborne and the other games by FromSoft. Sure, they’re a little scary just by monster design, etc, but the REAL horror of those games comes from the lore and the meaning behind the monsters. What terrible thing could this person have done to become this monstrosity? What kind of life was this little god living, alone with his illusions? The mistress of a snowy domain beseeches you not to kill her children…at the very end of the level. And it gives you the option of walking away…or killing her for the loot.

    FromSoft all the time is said to “get” how to make hard games, but they also understand the psychological side of horror better than a lot of games nowadays. They really don’t succomb to cheap jump scares, and in fact, the scariest parts to me are when the achingly slow behmoths crawl up from the ground. You can’t run, and then you die. And die again, until you get OVER the horror and analyze this thing rationally. But every new challange presents a new form of horror. Sometimes the sheer monstrosity, sometimes the uncanny valley, sometimes the sadness of it all.

    And that’s before you get to the ACTUAL horror games of today. No, not Dead Space, you were right about that. Games like that don’t know real horror. I’m talking games like Amnesia, Outlast, The Walking Dead. Horror never died, it just took a different form. During the hayday of Silent Hill and Resident, you could kill the monster under the bed, but not anymore. If anything, horror games of today “get” horror better, in more ways. You can’t fight, you can only run, hide, or die.

    If you don’t go crazy first.

  3. I believe that ‘Alien Encounter’ ride (for lack of a better term) was replaced by a similar thing with a Lilo & Stitch theme.

  4. It’s so disappointing trying to hand out candy at Halloween these days. I would dress up as your standard witch, stand on the porch with all my lights on, cotton spider webs, jack-o-lantern with a candle, holding a big bowl of candy…. and the parents with their groups of kids heading to the minivans would just walk by. “Hi! We’re passing out candy here!” I’d yell, and that was just barely enough to get them to come. I think they were all heading to the malls for trick or treating. So sad.

    It’s bad enough when you have your parents with you for trick or treating, but to do it all inside? It should be door to door, in the dark. It’s a communal experience. Your neighbor comments on how scary or cute your costume is, maybe waves at your parent standing off on the street corner.

    About 10 years ago, I was the one handing out candy from my Grandparents’ home. I would watch as the group that just came to my door piled into the car, then drove less than half a block down to the next house. Then they would get right back in to U-turn to the other side of the street. Jesus H Christ, but how much do parents baby their kids now, if that’s what it was like 10 years ago?

    I miss what Halloween night was like when I was growing up, and I just never thought it would ever change, but I guess it did. And it just is so sad.

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