WiFi Proof Underwear – WTFIWWY Live

This week: One man’s own personal battle with the Streisand Effect, a police standoff over a grilled cheese sandwich and this year’s collection of ridiculous internet-connected crap from CES 2017…

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  1. …My mom knows her account number.

  2. lilith_ascennding

    Fuck yeah Naked Pizza Thief and Grilled Cheese Gunman! Maryland represent!!! Seriously though, these two dumbasses have provided much laughter and entertainment for my family. God bless them.

  3. “Are we done marketing to millenials”
    I don’t know, are we done bitching about millennials as a person who is technically a millennial? Cause apparently if you were born in the 80s you count as a Millennial. Also stop acting like dumb as fuck electronic shit is aimed at younger people, when there’s a commercial every five minutes to prey on old people with expendable income for some dumb device. Get the fuck over yourself.

  4. Apartment walls tend to be weak. Unless you hit the stud, it’s just sheet rock.

  5. I use Suave. I don’t think L’Oreal owns them They’re under Unilever.

  6. from what I’ve heard, those bone conducting headphones are supposed to be really useful, since theres no more risk of blowing your own eardrums out from overuse. I can also see them being handy for someone like me with weird shaped ears that normal headphones don’t stay in properly

  7. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall!

  8. What is with all the useless high-tech stuff these days? I’m part of the Millennial demographic (I believe the decided range is anyone born between 1980 – 2000? I’m a ’92 baby, but most of my memories were late 90s into the 00s), but ffs these products are effing stupid and a waste of money.

  9. @36:21 I don’t think they even monitor people in hospitals or high security prisons this closely.

  10. @38:00 I mean I could understand wanting a mirror that plays the news, weather, stocks, cartoons, etc. while your brushing your teeth in the morning but this?

  11. Lorelei? The ice-type member of the Indigo Elite Four?

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