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Before Will Smith was in Suicide Squad, he was committing career suicide with this stinker.

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  1. I love this movie, no joke.

  2. I thought it was pretty obvious what the studio was trying to do, albeit not succeeding. This movie was Men in Black, but as a western. It had Will Smith. It had the Will Smith rap theme. It had the straight (white) man partner. It had the no nonsense boss. It had unbelievable technology. And really, is a giant mechanical spider that poor of a replacement for a giant alien cockroach? Forget the TV series, that provided a name. The only part of the West this movie was inspired by was Area-51.

    Yet, Men in Black proved to be a tough movie experience to duplicate, even when working with the same actors and setting as the original. Kevin Costner proved to be a poor substitute for Tommy Lee Jones’s deadpan delivery. Instead of the constant surprises of who is an alien and that you can shoot their heads off and they grow back and that guy is actually a tiny alien in a robot! Where was I? Oh right. In Wild Wild West, the big surprise is Steampunk machines exist! No one really acts surprised, and there really isn’t another surprise…

    However, if you want to see this concept done right, or at least made into an enjoyable watching experience, I recommend the short lived ’90s show The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. It stars Bruce Cambell with sci-fi and steam punk tropes.

  3. well, to be fair, even when the movie sucks, you can’t deny a giant steam-powered spider-like machine is still badass.

  4. Let us never forget that Kevin Kline is married to Phoebe Cates.

  5. Actually, I thought the SOMETHING ORIGINAL trailer was going to be a parody of M. Night Shamalamadingdong movies. I agree, the W3 movie is a pile of crap, but I will lay odds you did not watch a single episode of that TV series, which is typical of your critiques, nostalgic one. You think if you don’t know something by now, it’s not worth knowing at at all.

  6. I just registered, to comment under this. Sorry Doug, but why do you hate this movie so much? Okay, last time I saw it I was a kid, but damn… it has some funny scenes, like the one they are pulled back to each other by the magnet, it has inventions in a wild west setting and it has a GIANT FREAKING ROBOT SPIDER THAT KILLS, what more you need? It would made much more sense, if you hated on the game version, which, as I remember is REALLY bad. I really respect your work, and reviews because I was never into movies, and you always seemed honest and created well made content, but in this case you are too harsh with it in my opinion. After an eye opening review like Ghostbusters… this just made me sad. 🙁

  7. Hey Doug that was a great and hilarious episode but I’ve got a question, how in the world are you going to review ALL of the Looney Tunes movies that were in theaters in ONE VIDEO?! To me I think that’s a little bit impossible and besides you already did Space Jam in an older episode.

  8. You sure you weren’t dreaming a misremembered Unbreakable(2000)?

  9. So am I to assume that, during that opening mock trailer, you were making a variant of the usual “why don’t they just make original characters of color/female characters instead of changing straight white men” argument? Because, while we should definitely strive to create new and inventive characters that represent the changing market, the sad fact is that most OP characters don’t sell well. Period.

    Critic I know you’re a contrarian above all else, and that if both sides of an argument are equally popular you’ll choose the middle ground to make yourself appear different (read: special). But moments like that, where you take shots at certain trends as though all modern trends in media are equally bad, give away where your opinion actually lies. “Wild, Wild West” had many, MANY problems, but making Will Smith the lead was not one of them. Franchises are where the money is (sadly), and until the people start supporting more original fair w/ their wallets, the trend won’t be going away anytime soon. Since that’s the case, how about we give the non straight white men something to relate to for a change? I mean it’s not like most straight white male characters were only made so because straight, white, and male was the default for most heroes. Oh, wait…

    And also, Will Smith’s career was fine after this. “The Legend of Bagger Vance”, “Ali”, “I, Robot”, “The Pursuit of Happyness”…he was good. Granted his performance was shitty in this, but so was everyone else’s. He wasn’t even in the top 10 of this movies issues. Why single him out? What’s the last big picture Kevin Kline was in?

  10. Snorgatch Pandalume

    If you want to understand why there’s nothing new under the sun in Hollywood, watch Robert Altman’s movie, The Player. The way they pitch movies there mirrors how it’s done in real life. To get a studio exec interested in your project as fast as possible, present it as a fusion of two other successful movies. But with heart.
    “It’s Jaws meets The Wedding Singer! But with heart!”

  11. This is a surprisingly funny review. I have had to stop the video multiple times just to chuckle.

  12. I actually like the movie as a kid.

  13. The beginning sound like Luck Stealer. A guy that can steal someone luck and they die, and then give the luck to other people making them do impossible thing, so not that original, but nice try.

  14. YES!!! This movie was a BIG part of my childhood! Ah, I love this movie SO much. Follow-up comment to come! ^.^

  15. 18:44 Okay I laugh and not ashamed of it, seriously you doing a bad job reviewing this movie if I want to see it.

  16. Okay I want to re-watch this movie, seems fun.

  17. This movie is stupid fun. I laughed at some of the movie clips that you were showing, in fact! Sure some jokes weren’t funny but the majority were. Will Smith can make almost anything funny. Plus, it IS like the Jackie Chan Around the World movie which makes me like it even more. Although, I’ll agree that the scene transitions do suck. One last thing: Salma Hayek’s outfits in this movie are too die for!

  18. Mejbrulew…PINEAPPLE!


  19. The only thing I can possibly say about this movie that approaches the positive (aside from the fact that the action figures were kind of neat), is that the scene where they get the image from the dead guy’s eyes was apparently a thing people thought was possible back in the day. Possibly having to do with photography being the hot new thing.

  20. I was 9 when i watched this,really liked it too. Which begs the question, why make it PG-13 when the target audience is clearly under 10.

  21. Hey, Doug, I got a great bad movie you could review! ‘The Scarlett Letter’ 1995. The one with Demi Moore that literally trashes the original classic novel! That’s BEGGING ON ITS KNEES to be made fun of!! Trust me, it’s a gold mine!!

  22. Looking at the intro… So its like 4400 meeting Unbreakable?

  23. Guys, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but:

    1. Stephanie Harrington- Marvel/ New Universe- first appearance- DP7 Issue #1- transmissible super strength and healing factor. The longer you touched her, the stronger and healthier you got. And yes, she was white, blond and had long hair.

    2. Hugo, aka “Creeping Crud”- Marvel/ New Universe- first appearance- Justice Issue #23- sickened and rotted anyone he touched. And yes, he was black.

    Good try, guys. But not quite.

  24. Omg Brannagh why just why, you are a good actor. He makes me love Shakespeare, his roles in Othello and Much Ado about Nothing are sooooo good (of course studying these plays in school doesn’t make me at all biased)
    This film man, I know we all talk about it breaking Smith’s streak but what about the other actors, did Hayek and Brannagh suffer as a result of this film, wouldn’t surprise me if they did

  25. I saw this when it came out and Salma Hayek’s boobs in that corsage were literally the only thing I remembered about it until now.

  26. The only thing I remember about this movie was Selma Hayak’s ass.

    I wonder how much she was paid to bare that.

  27. Ok going to have to stop this one short. You are being WAY to harsh on every little thing. You might be trying too hard there NC. Personally, I thought the movie was just ok. Nothing special, but had a few good moments.

    You seem to be looking for comedy when there was action, and judging it poorly I say.

  28. 9:12, that was some AVGN shit right there.

  29. Okay this was amazing. Yeah, this is the funniest you’ve been, NC, in a while.
    That bit with the faces expressing what we looked like? Holy crap, that was scarily accurate X’D
    The faces were exactly what I looked like at those moments… except that I was laughing at the last point because of how funny you were being.

  30. 12:00 Yeah, I can confirm that. My neighbor is named the same thing.

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