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Before Will Smith was in Suicide Squad, he was committing career suicide with this stinker.

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  1. Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks that the music video is better than the movie!

  2. feel like you missed an opportunity to comment on the movies connection to the steampunk community

  3. Whaaat? This movie was freaking awesome, what is he talking about?

  4. I don’t actually understand anyone else’s opinion on this movie, I think this is Will Smith’s best movie by a mile, tho I only really like the first MiB apart from this. It’s pretty stupid, but funny.

    Also, it’s easily the most imaginative movie I’ve seen.

  5. Hey….I liked Fierce Creatures. Was just light hearted fun of a movie not to take seriously and wasn’t shoddy.

  6. Honore de Ballsack

    Kevin Kline in drag looks like that “LAY-DEE” guy in Little Britain!

  7. Don’t judge me, i love every moment you pointing out

  8. This movie was a guilty pleasure for me.

  9. I guess I am the minority because I always liked this movie. Granted whenever I did watch my imagination would take over and replace all the characters with my own. The main two are two females who have unique back stories that tie in with events of the movie.

    So this movie is one the best pieces of inspiration for me for my own story.

  10. To be frank, I didn’t know it was based off of anything when I first saw it, so I rather enjoyed this movie.

  11. I would vote the old Golden Crown death, but that would be a waste of gold. How about we just do a Jon Snow and have everyone who watched this movie line up to stab the bastards that made it.

  12. I’d watch that movie.

  13. Funny thing abouth the “Blazing saddle” refference and mel bruse flair mentioned at the beginning of the video.

    The german title of Blazing saddle” was “der wilde wilde westen” which means nothing less than “the wild wild west”.
    This also sometimes make it confusing which movi somebody means …

  14. The Mysterious M

    In my opinion, this is the ultimate guilty pleasure movie. Despite being bad, Will Smith is charismatic as hell. The giant steampunk spider is soooo ridiculously stupid, you can’t help but laugh. An amazing “What the fuck” performance from Kenneth Branagh (for those who don’t know, other “what the fuck” performances include Jeremy Irons in Dungeons and Dragons and Dennis Hopper in Super Mario Bros– I can’t define them, but I can give examples).

    While it is a bad movie, it’s very entertainingly bad. And it’s also just very fun.

  15. The sad thing is will Smith said no to the matrix to do this moive

  16. scorn me all you want, I loved this movie as a kid, and I still love it now.

  17. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great review as usual.

  18. Am I alone thinking that I would totally watch that movie about a woman whose touch can make anyone stronger and a man whose touch can make anyone sick? Because I would totally watch that movie!

  19. Tony Ciccariello

    I was born in 63, so i grew up watching the television show. I was excited when they said they were going to make it into a movie. Imagine my sadness after viewing it. It was terrible. This review on the other hand, was entertaining beyond description. Well done and hilarious.

  20. Well at least Smith didn’t decline a role in some other hugely successful movie fpr doing this one….

  21. Victoria Heckman

    Let’s be real here. The only GOOD thing to come out of this movie was that kickass theme song.

    Also, regarding that unfunny “touch my breasts” bit, I actually kept imagining Mr. Fishoeder saying those lines. Fans of “Bob’s Burgers”, actually try it; you might get an unintentional chuckle out of it.

  22. The Something Original trailer was awesome all on its own. I’m kind of hoping to see sequels become a running gag like Dog Copter.

  23. There actually is a Warehouse 13 novelization that has a similar story as the “something original” movie trailer at the beginning of the video

  24. In 1869 there was no FBI, no CIA, and the Secret Service had only been founded in 1865 so West and Gordon might really have been the best men available for this case.

  25. Terrible movie, Great review.

  26. I actually like this movie, its a guilty pleasure.

  27. I always hated Will Smith, the smarmy git.

  28. Xeno-the-Hedgehog

    fun fact: the entire plot of this film was ripped straight from the Jonah Hex episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Furthermore, one of the filmmakers had just come off of a Superman film where he had wanted supes to fight a mechanical spider, though it never ended up happening, thus when he was asked to do this film, his one stipulation was that a giant mechanical spider be involved in the climactic scene. And that’s the story of how this shitstain of a film became what it is.

  29. Found this episode kind of disappointing. Full disclosure: WWW is a guilty pleasure of mine, but so are many films that NC had reviewed.

    A lot of the creative bits (suicidal flies, fading monologue, Nietzsche) but it just seemed like 25 minutes of just typical internet hate (You’re movie’s bad and you should feel bad). To say that Branagh has “no idea what he’s saying” in a Shakespeare play/movie is kinda swinging the bat hoping to hit something.

    I get the flaws (esp in Hayek’s character), but the steam punk spider, the weird henchmen and pure absurdity of the entire movie’s concept is why I enjoyed it and I think NC missed that (which is rare for him).

    Sorry NC, love your stuff. I have been watching for YEARS, but I think you missed the mark on this one.

  30. That opening. What the hell happened to movies, when an internet site comes up with a better idea than most studios?

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