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Before we started major work on the Zelda Angry Review we wanted to revisit Nintendo’s Policies on Youtube to see if this new console cycle things have changed for the better… It hasn’t. It’s worse. IMO a continued bad business decision by Nintendo Japan.

Our Review is going to probably be heavily delayed, but we are working on one, so please be patient!

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  1. Fuck NoJ; they need to get their act together, cause it’s only them that has the issues.

  2. Well, that situation sucks. Still, I’m sure your Zelda review will be great. Also, 18:18-18:22 was hilarious.

  3. Sorry Joe, Everyone already has done their Zelda: Breath of the Wild review and we already know it’s like 10/10 across the board.

    While I really enjoy a lot of your content, Nintendo doesn’t care about your “special snowflake” demands.

    If I were Nintendo I would ignore you too. The antagonistic nature of your videos feels like you’re just baiting them for controversy now.

  4. It’s arrogant business policies like this that killed Blockbuster. I don’t know Joe, it’s up to you. If you make the video I’ll watch it and I’ll enjoy it. However, with all the bullshit, if you don’t; I know I’d understand.

    • You know what killed blockbuster?

      Netflix. (+ similar services)
      Video on Demand.

      In that order chronologically. That’s it.

      • First of all, Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix for pennies on the dollar, and yes this was after broadband and their streaming service started. They chose not to. Why? Because who in the hell would want to stay at home and watch movies from the comfort of their living room when they could drive across town and worry about late fees. Gee, no arrogance there at all huh? The nail in the coffin was Redbox where they once again were Johnny Come Lately. As far as VOD goes, it didn’t help but cable companies are becoming just as antiquated due to their insanely high monthly rates. What do they all have in common? None of them listen (or listened) to their fucking consumer base!!!

  5. Just a suggestion: Why not create an account with a different video host, such as vid.me and upload your Nintendo reviews there instead of on YouTube? I’m not suggesting that you leave YouTube, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on YT exclusively. Find another host site that’s not so copyright crazy.

  6. I love your reviews Angry Joe. You are unbiased and gives us honest reviews. NoJ wants every reviewer to kiss their ass.

  7. Amazing how its always you Joe with this problem.

  8. Do your review and let them fucking try.

    You are a critic. It is a critical review. You have the most clear-cut black-and-white fair use case possible. The worst they can do is stall it out after you refute the claim, which is really a problem with Youtube’s automated claim system. They won’t refute it, they can’t. If you, in your position as a critic took them to court over this it would destroy them in both PR and case precedence. And that’s the sad part. They aren’t going to let anyone take them to court because they know they can’t. They are cowards hiding behind Youtube’s systems because they know they don’t have a real case. At some point, SOMEONE is going to have to take it all the way with them, and it’s ideal that that person be a reviewer. Nintendo can’t keep this charade up forever. Face them head-on. You have the legal high ground.

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