Will Goku Always be a Flawed Character – A Dragon Ball Discussion

Dragon Ball is about Goku, but did Akira Toriyama get off on the wrong foot with him in the anime and manga? Did he deliberately make Goku unlikeable to us, the fans? Today I wish to discuss Dragon Ball Super’s attitude to the Saiyan as well as his relationship with other characters and why the entire show might be all about the underdogs, in particular Vegeta!

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  1. If Goku is not appealing to you, then you’re probably looking to him as viewer avatar or want him to be an OP Marty Stu…

    Of course Goku is flawed, but he SHOULD be…perfect characters are boring. Characters that never falter are un-relatable…

    Goku has always been simple minded, but he’s also unfettered by selfish ambition beyond self-improvement and defending loved ones. You have to take the good with the bad.

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