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The 1984 melodrama Windy City finally won the Patreon poll! How can so much excitement be packed into one episode?!?

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past.


  1. I guess the Patreon voters just wanted you to review this movie just so you can get it over and done with. Personally, I wanted “Alien Origin” to win, only because it’s was made by The Asylum.

    2:54- Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I don’t see romantic mello-dramas.

    4:46- Pff. I’ll stick with Rogue One, thank you very much.

    6:55- Temple of Doom was one of the very first movies I remember watching, and you’re not the only one. Also, I do not mind all the references.

    “Hey, fellas, Donald Trump took away my healthcare, and I am terminally ill.” “Yaaaaayyyyy.”

    14:02- All this scene is doing is reminding me of the final scene of The Goonies, another one of the fist movies I remember watching, and wish I was watching instead.

    22:27- I thought guys play football and talk about “Chicks, man.”

    I love “(Sigh)…Why is Krusty the Clown’s dad in this?”

    26:11- Oh, just kiss each other already! You know you want to.

    30:16- Which stars Karen Allen, ANOTHER Indiana Jones actress. Anyway, have fun with Pirates next week, Brad.

  2. Spoiler:
    Even less happens in Alien Origin.

  3. The Movie Explorer

    Poor “guy who looks like Stephen Furst, but isn’t.” I mean Saul.

  4. Chicken Puppet

    27:40 Oh damn, those L’eggs eggs retail displays…I remember seeing those in stores as a little kid and being disappointed there was no candy or toy inside, just panythose!

    Almost as nostalgic as seeing old VW Bugs still on the road.

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