Wonder Hanger – Infomercialism

There is nothing quite as wonderous as… hangers. I guess.

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  1. It doesn’t seem to make the hanging clothes any less wrinkled.

  2. I actually REALLY need this. I spend most of my weekends hanging up and cleaning all my clothes.

  3. Two potential problems I can see:
    Not good for gowns or long coats, they’ll drag unless kept to only the upper ones.
    If someone had way too many clothes anyway, say they filled their closet WITH the wonder hangers….and it was full again. How would you get them out? Probably worse than before. (But then, really, just donate some of your clothes to charity at that point!)

    Good idea. Has its workarounds.

  4. I think this may be an American thing.

  5. But can it really support 20lbs?

    Nice to see these again. I love them.

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