Wonder Woman, Boob Plate, & Kings Bounty Armored Princess – SYL Extra

Wonder Woman’s armour is looking pretty awesome, you guys. I mean boob plate is A Thing but hey, still pretty awesome.

By contrast, a bikini would be a less stupid outfit than the Armored Princess getup. So let’s talk about armour, boob plate, and hey, maybe 16th century codpieces too.

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  1. If I have the opportunity, I dress both my female and male characters scantily with about 50% of their bodies covered up. However, you did have a point about armor vs. clothing. On the subject of Wonder Woman, I liked everything about it except for lack of an after-credit/mid-credits scene. I mean, even Suicide Squad had an after-credits scene. It’s like a cherry on top of your milkshake, you know? Still, I am totally excited about a sequel.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Those things are getting kind of passe, though. I mean, I know Marvel started doing them in order to tease their other upcoming films, but it is kind of annoying to have to sit through all the credits just to see them all. See, basically, you’re watching CREDITS (which nobody really cares to see) just to watch ADS. Think about it.

  2. Sorry to inform, bu WW armor is useless shit. Amelie at least wears an obviously decorative set, and only as a mage. Both warrior and Paladin wear proper cuirass. WW wears thin piece of crap, which does not even cover upper chest.

    • Seriously dude? You protect an Amelie fan-service equipment and ignore that Diana deflect most of the attacks with her bracers, so her armor also is clearly decorative? Also did you ever see the proper Cuirass? Females don’t use different armors then man, with Greek style armor in fact as exception, so the movie didn’t do that in wrong way as those look exactly in such way (I mean other amazon equipment).

      • We’re speaking armor or magic mumbo-jumbo here? The armor itself is useless piece of shit in both cases, but in one case it’s a decorative piece for show-off, in other it’s presented as an actual armor, which it isn’t. And I am sorry to bring these news to you, but anatomic armour was not that much spread in ancient Greece, it was mostly flat leather armor with bronze elements for additional protection. Anatomic pieces (Romans later called their analogs Lorica Musculata) were – with several exceptions – reserved for nobility and for ceremonial purposes, not for actual combat. But even in this case it’s not fitting, as what WW wears does not fit any tradition of greek anatomic cuirass. And why are you even bringing up females not wearing different armors? Did we even discuss male armors in any context? And should I tell you that actual proper armor would not fit properly a female user if initially made for a man and would require significant refitting?

        • Dude, you are seriously persistent in your bullshit ignoring everything what was shown in your face. If you are too stupid to verify even so simple facts like those shown by Ursa, then there is no point of continuing this debate with you.

          • Dude, what you don’t understand is that you are building a strawman and attacking it. I really do not care about your education, but it seems lacking. Especially now, in the era of google. Just google Ancient Greek depictions of Amazons. No, wait, I’ll google it for you!
            Oh wow, it seems one is wearing a nonanatomic armor, and another one wears no armor at all! Why is that? Must be because they do not belong to Greek culture and were considered a hostile nation far away! But wait, there’s more! How does the cuirass looks like? Oh, yeah, it provides full cover for the chest up to the neck! Wow! What a fresh concept!
            Now let’s look at anatomic armor. Here’s a fine recreation:
            OMG, what do we have here?! Again, full body protection with single-sheeted front plate, and another single-sheeted rear plate! Has it anything in common with what wonderwoman wears? SO FUCKING MUCH! BUT WAIT!!!! THERE’S MORE!!!!!
            Because, you see, THIS is what greek warriors were ACTUALLY wearing in the battle in most cases:
            It’s called ‘cloth armor’, and it was built on foundation of layered thick fabric or leather, covered with segmented bronze plating, and had nothing to do with any sort of anatomic armor.
            On one thing I have to agree with thee – this discussion has no fucking sense, so go and live in your world of double-standards and delusions.

          • No, I totally do understand that you did build straw man now and attacking it whole time, question is about your self-awareness? O_O

            You even admitted yourself that you didn’t watch wideo.. so what is more straw man then that? Because most of what you said in this flame is irrelevant to anything. Alongside I proving many times holes in your education, so now gradually I start question your sanity.

            First of all those AREN’T ancient Greek Amazons. Those are Marvel Amazons you moron. Secondary, as I already pointed out Diana armor is decorative alongside explaining “why” (what you hypocritically ignored protecting another decorative set). Most of other Amazons in fact did have full breastplates.

            Also didn’t you attack my for pointing out existence of anatomic armor to now proving my that you are retarded by showing my that I was right whole time?

            Also that one marble:
            “On one thing I have to agree with thee – this discussion has no fucking sense, so go and live in your world of double-standards and delusions.”
            Yup.. that describe exactly what YOU doing, you imbecile! You binged now many fact already debated by Ursa, but you obviously are unaware of that in your delusional mumbling. How classic O_O

          • Aren’t you sweet? MOAR STRAWMEN. I want you to read carefully: “(1) WW armor is useless shit. (2)WW wears thin piece of crap, which does not even cover upper chest. (3) Amelie wears an obviously decorative set, and only as a mage”
            All I need to know about this video is on a fucking titlepic. WW armor is NOT GOOD. Period. Neither as a greek armor, nor as any armor at all. Marvel Amazons ARE greek Amazons. They were created by Zeus, and they constantly visually reference greek style of architecture, weaponry etc. They do it poorly. Next – WHAT?! I DID ATTACK YOU FOR POINTING OUT ANATOMIC ARMOR?! WHAT’S FUCKING WRONG WITH YOU?!! I told that it did exist, and that it has NOTHING IN COMMON WITH ARMOR WW WEARS, you piece of fucking shit.
            And finally, ANOTHER strawman – “On one thing I have to agree with thee – this discussion has no fucking sense, so go and live in your world of double-standards and delusions.” You can find in this phrase any mention of me not responding to you?

    • Chicken Puppet

      Yup…Princess Amelie doesn’t actually engage directly in the combat herself at all.

      Also, before the outrage over skimpy armor sexism gets too out of hand, Olaf the lead character from King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North is male and depicted in some of the promotional and cover art with glistening muscles and only a wolf pelt casually slung over one shoulder for protection.

        • TragicGuineaPig

          What’s a Paladin?

          • You need historical or common definition? In popular fiction knights especially close to their divinity of choice are called paladins. They usually can not only fight well, but perform wonders of said divinity against their enemies or to buff their allies. In history, though, IIRC, this refers to high-ranking knights of Holy Roman Empire, who had significant role both in crusades and in administration of said “state”.

          • LOL. You make me suffer again for missing on Ultima )) I HAVE to get to the series once!
            PS Though there actually are people who don’t know what “paladin” means

          • But that was not the point.. the issue was that protagonist who work with them didn’t know who they are. If script of Ultima 9 wouldn’t be written by monkeys they would make exposition without making character a retard, because there is a thing like a indirect exposition.

          • The Spoony Experiment Ultima 9 review genius O_O

            Also everyone can check Wikipedia, but you are so full of shit that you even that can’t do properly. Paladins have nothing to do with Holly Roman Empire, and what you referee is title of Count Palatine (Pfalzgraf) who was just official in royal court.

            Title of Paladin was used to describe twelve knights of Charlemagne (king of Frankish Empire) who later become symbol Christian knight virtues. Nowadays in Fantasy this term is used to describe members of military order.

          • Oh, so you are able to use sources, don’t you? Now go and google authentic greek armors.

          • I could waste my time to do that, but I don’t need do that because Ursa did show it in her material, which you you clearly didn’t watch falling in your puberty rage just after she referenced Amelia.. seriously.. you are idiot.

          • Also, Spoony is such influential person, just like the God Allmighty himself. And no, in modern Fantasy “paladin” is NOT a term to describe “members of military order”. Term to describe “members of military order” is usually Knight.

          • So you say that knights are the monks? Or just you again spread your own bullshit, incapable to admit mistake even if someone slap you face with the proves?

          • What’s wrong with ypu? Militant religious orders, like Teutons or Hospitaliers housed KNIGHTS, not paladins. And if you’d browse any modern fantasy, you’d notice, that paladin is in fact usually first and foremost a knight of a religious order.

          • What you ask? Outside living close to where they operated? Of course they aren’t paladins, because as I said, that is how they are called in the fantasy. Do you have some comprehension issues or something?

            A “knight” is a feudal title, and yes members of militaristic orders usually were also knights. But saying that “Term to describe “members of military order” is usually Knight.” is total lack of understating what knight is.

            “And if you’d browse any modern fantasy, you’d notice, that paladin is in fact usually first and foremost a knight of a religious order.”

            As I said.. you originally did use way more illusive definition, so thanks for referencing my.

          • And finally, just to inform you: Charlemagne was the leader of Holy Roman Empire since somewhere around 800.

          • Yes, and crusades you referenced as related start in XI century.. sooooooo.. you clearly did refereed him you pathetic looser O_O

            You seriously like smell of own farts..

          • I’d apologize for a mistake (as I said in the original post, I was not sure if I recall stuff correctly, and since medieval times are far from being my faved historic period, I mixed up dates and moved crusades over 200 years earlier), but since you’re acting like a butthurt fanboy from the beginning, I won’t. Go fuck yourself, please.

          • Wait.. I’m “butthurt fan-boy” of what exactly? Because as far I recall it was you who start butt-hurt flame regard Diana and Amelia outfit, and I just correct you in your mistakes.

        • So.. a unpractical boob armor, a unpractical boob armor and suicidal dominatrix armor (third one). So great choice we have.. also Ursa address mostly exactly those boob armors, so it is quite clear to my now that you didn’t even watch the video, but immediately fall in puberty outrage to protect obvious fan-service design just mentioned as example. Seriously?

          • Of course I did not watch the video, you dumb piece of shit! DID I EVER FUCKING TELL I DID?! Did I ever mention I argue the video itself?! What an imbecile should I be to continue watching a person who says that Mary Sue is a USEFUL TROPE which helps to write BETTER!

          • Well.. less imbecile then you are O_O

            Thanks for confirming that you are basically a pathetic troll, who start a flame without any ground to do it O_O

            Also if you wouldn’t be a imbecile, you would caught that she did say that Mary Sue is easy to write what help beginning writers to write. And writing is what is simply needed to become good writer over time. She never did imply that it is a good archetype, but to get that you would need not be a brain dead.

            PS: As for WW moron, she doesn’t use it for defense. Also I pointed only your hypocrisy in defending Amelia armor for this same reason, but raging about WW armor design. And yes.. armor waha don’t have a breastplate is worst then armor what don’t have shoulder pads (like most real armors) yup.. totally have a sense O_O

          • Chicken Puppet

            I await your lengthy dissertation following the “Stuff You Like” video detailing the disadvantages to wearing a cape with superhero outfits.

            I mean…if we really need to shame superheroes for useless costumes, can we start with those fabulous capes?

          • Lol, exactly Chicken Puppet. I would say that I wait until he accuse you of protecting decorative costume of WW which he for some personal reason dislike, even if you are in this same camp as him regard Amalie costume. But he was faster..

          • Also, I like you defending a MUCH WORSE armor WW wears XD

      • Again, people fight without the armor. And again, nothing justify wearing non functional armor instead of the cloths. There is no reason to justify clear fan-service design.

        • Chicken Puppet

          I’d hate to live in a world where goofy, campy, and pure fantasy works are shamed into representing practical and historically correct armors in settings filled with magic, monsters, and superheroes with extraordinary powers.

          Hey, how come Superman’s clothes never burn off during fights against opponents with lasers or heat based weaponry?

          • But I don’t disagree. Still Amalie armor simply is ridiculous fan-service design from one funny game, used only as example of ridiculous design in way more grounded debate about issue of “boob armor” overall.

            No one here really has issue with that in fan-service products, but it is bit hilarious how many butt-hurt fanboys jump now in defense of its “honor”. Wait.. WFT? I hope you understand that.

          • Chicken Puppet

            The problem here is that an example from a high fantasy game that also depicts male heroes as idealized muscled warriors in impractical armor (re:Olaf) being criticized from a place of ignorance…and I don’t mean she’s stupid (obviously she’s quite intelligent), I mean she lacks the knowledge of the franchise she’s criticizing.

            No one made the distinction between high fantasy or superhero settings until it was pointed out how nit-picky it comes off.

  3. TragicGuineaPig

    “Heavy Metal Armor.” EEEXXCELLLEEENT! *Air Guitar Arpeggio!*

  4. I’m both with the sequel! XD

    Personally, I didn’t question the Amazon armour so much because to me, at least, it seemed they had similar thinking behind their clothes and most ‘boob plates’ didn’t have that weird form-fitting dip or split. So it definitely seemed like lady versions of hoplite armour.

    • Exactly! Greek style armor was unique because it was in fact anatomical with exposed arms and thighs, so even if they in realty wear tunic such design for Amazon (a mythical Greek female warrior tribe) totally can pass, though I need admit that Ursa bring many good points here and did her research. Also I don’t question boob plates amongst barbarians as those tend to be bit random (only bikini armor is pure stupidity).

      But any real Plate (and most European and Japanese armors overall) don’t have female variant as such thing is totally pointless from they design perspective. After all those armors use tight lining and precise designed shapes to deflect the blade and you can easy fit female traits under it.

  5. Chicken Puppet

    Sorry Sursum Ursa, but like many internet feminists, you speak of that which you do not know.

    I’ve played several King’s Bounty tactical strategy games, and when you said “I assume she’s some kind of squishy ranged class” you revealed your ignorance. Princess Amelie does -no actual fighting at all-. She leads from the sidelines with her magical pet dragon. Yup, she never fights directly.

    Also, it’s a world with demons, giant insects, orcs, dwarves with steam tech, dragons, knights, druids, etc…and it never takes itself very seriously.

    • Only ignorance here is shown by random idiot who rejects rational criticism basing on presumption that someone is something. Sorry dude, but only person here acting like “internet ultra-feminist” is exactly you (also using word feminist as insult is even more ignorant).

      Amelie mage armor (used only as example) is clear fan-service what is unjustified even acknowledging that she doesn’t directly participate in the battle.. Ursa also explain that part so watch this wideo again, before repeating more stupid claims.

      • Chicken Puppet

        I’m not sure I understand…you’re attacking me for calling out someone who has a problem with a skimpy outfit on the cover of a fantasy art game?

        1983 called, it feels your pain and outrage over a cheesy painting used to sell D&D books or a dubbed Italian fantasy movie poster…edgy stuff there…

        What prompted me to write the post was her open admission that she did not know anything about the game or character.

        • No, I did that because that was never her point. She use it only as example of ridiculous armor design (which it is). I’m not sure that it was even 1% of topic of this video, so her knowledge about this game is irrelevant.

          Though I admit that I wen’t slightly overboard.. one butt hurt fanboy here (you know who) simply play on my nerves with his stupidity and proud ignorance.

  6. Both boob plates are unpractical as realistically they restrict movement since they turn boobs into unmoving obstacle for using sword and other melee weapons.

  7. Red Priest Rezo

    Here is the thing: Suspension of disbelief is not some universal measure. It work differently for different people. Just because you can’t believe that this… thing is an armor that protects heroine by the power of magic and high RPG-stats – that doesn’t mean that I can’t do this either. Games have way more unrealistic things in them that we have to ignore because of “videogame logic” and ignoring how unrealistic sexy armor is – that is one of the easiest things out there. Also it comes with a reward of having sexy characters in sexy outfits.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond blood that flows.

    • Obviously, but you miss the point of this video. Ursa make quite decent analiz of the history (or should I say lack of it) of the boob armor. Pointing out rational reasons why it would not work.

      It is bit hilarious that half of the post here is rage of man-child’s trying prove that design from game (only mentioned on the beginning) what is clear fan-service is somehow justified. Seriously?

      The issue is not suspense of the believe, the issue is that people here think with what they have in pants and minus rational arguments for no reason then own immaturity. Also as a side-note: it not only depend on person, but primarily on genre. People are willing to give way more credit for suspense of believe to slack exploitative Heroic Fantasy, then to Historical Fantasy or professionally made genres of Epic. The only issue is that some creators sometimes forget that “boob armors” aren’t real thing.

      • TragicGuineaPig

        Wait a minute here. You’re not a Red Priest also, are you? I mean, I know there was that issue with cloning in the first season of the series, but…

    • Chicken Puppet

      Amen. Sometimes you want a work of fiction to be gritty and based in reality, reflecting and exploring the human condition… and sometimes you want something fantastic and imaginative that inspires and allows you to escape.

      If we’re going keep it 100% here, Wonder Woman is best fighting totally nude but for a baldric and belt to hold her lasso and sword, and the bracers for deflecting things. Her skin is harder than any mortal armor and there’s no restriction of movement.

      • And no one deny that. But a fan-service is a fan-service. Let’s not pretend that it is justified for other reasons then it really is.

        • Chicken Puppet

          Funny: The video is about the practicality of historical armor and not criticizing fanservice in high fantasy when you want it to be, and a critique of fan-service armor when you need it be.

          I know the other guy got under your skin, but you’ve been intellectually inconsistent here in these comments.

  8. “Sure my pauldrons mean I can’t lift my arms, and the lack of any breast plate means I will be killed by any thrusting weapon, but you are missing what is important here.”
    “That being.”
    “I have been working out so hard and my midriff looks so awesome.”
    “Susan, put on armor.”
    “Rick, come on. Look at this tummy. I’d fuck me!”
    “Lot’s of people would like to. How about, though, you wear something that means they won’t be giving you another hole in which to stick their dick.”
    “YEAH! Put on cloths!”

  9. Having watched different people who have better knowledge of armor than I do my main complaint about that character isn’t her lack of a full breastplate but rather why doesn’t she at least have some sort of shield for her to use

    • You referring like most people here to Amelie Mage armor or the subject of this video, what wasn’t about fan-service in any way?

      Definitely not to Wounder Woman who use primarily bracers for protection and in fact have a shield and wasn’t in any way criticized by Ursa.

      • Chicken Puppet

        Bracers primarily for protection to deflect bullets…I have to say, that doesn’t sound like something that would work historically. I am outraged and must criticize it!

        Almost sounds like it’s an item inspired by mythology to be used in a fantastic fiction setting where people are born to immortal deities, can punch through steel, and fly.

        • That is new. I know that there are here people who try prove that fan-service armor is practically justified, and those people who explain why “boob armor” never was a real thing using two examples from fantasy as references, but not criticizing them as protectors of Amalie nobility claim. But criticizing all fiction for lack of historical accuracy is bit weird.. isn’t it? It that would not be misplaced sarcasm that is.. I know the joke.

          • Chicken Puppet

            You don’t get sarcasm, or I wasn’t over-the-top enough I guess.

            Clearly, as I’ve been trying to highlight: You have to take into account the setting, author’s rules in-universe, and genre before condemning things on a scale of cool and impractical vs accurate and realistic.

  10. As a generic Barbarian archetype myself (see pic), I can tell you that practical armor is unnecessary for us. Like Barbarians, Amazons get full equivalent AC bonus for what amounts to swimwear of the equivalent material, and without the encumbrance. I have on a leather cod piece on and it counts as “leather armor” in battle. Had he been a Barbarian, Sting’s Eagle cod piece from Dune would count as “platemail” — same with Princess Leia in that slave girl outfit. Its a shame Amazons don’t run shirtless like female Barbarians, but they really made the chainmail bikini and “boob plate” suits theirs.

    And yeah, I’m well aware that I’m only protected by an absurd trope, but I’m not complaining. Far from it! Plot Armor feels really nice… if a little drafty.

    • You make my lough, but what I need point out because of high amount of horny man child’s here blinded by you know what.. Ursa didn’t really critic neither Barbarians or Amazons. She make few fair points about impracticality and historical non-existence of that type of armor, also acknowledging most of counterpoints. But fan-boy rage is blind as the darkest night..

      • Chicken Puppet

        Not so blind as smug self-righteous outrage.

        Not that the King’s Bounty series is a masterpiece, but they’re fun turn based strategy games with goofy humor and pretty decent strategic depth. If you played any of them, the last thing you’d think of was erotic action.

        That’s what makes the outrage and righteous indignation so cringe-worthy. Sorry…there’s no misogyny in the actual game to get upset about.

        • But I do agree. So you mean here my and Ursa who never said something like that, or Rastrelly who in his blind fan-boy rage single-handy turn this topic in non existing SJW’s vs who even know who- war?

  11. EmoTheWonderGirl

    What I liked best about the Wonder Woman armor design was that the boob plate was not designed to emphasize cleavage. Something that always bothered me about the Lynda Carter costume was that the fit on the bust was inconsistent and sometimes awkward (either being too loose and low on the neckline or too tight across the top). But the Amazon’s armor does not have this problem. The higher neckline makes for a better more secure fit. It still has some problems, all the ones addressed, but at least no one had to worry about their top falling during combat.

  12. To be more realistic, Diana should dress up like a giant bat.

  13. Whilst I would prefer more realistic armour, less appealing to people’s second brain, I accept I am in a minority on that, so as you said, if we have to have it, it is about how much one can suspend their disbelief. In this light, I think the difference between the WW Amazon Armour and the Kings Bounty Armoured Princess is the where the balance falls on the armour at least looking practical to average person on street verses it being ‘visually’ appealing.

    In Kings Bounty, even someone who has no idea what armour should look like knows that armour is not practical, so it is pure fan service, and thus distracting and problematic.

    In WW, whilst someone who does their homework could probably work out the flaws of the Amazon armour, as someone who is not an expert on armour, when I was watching the film I found it at least appeared practical enough that I did not notice them. Even things like the shoulders, I put down to them being archers. >>

    What I did find distracting in WW is that they had this big song and dance about giving her more progressive clothing for the period, only to then put her in the more than slightly objectifying outfit only a few scenes later. I know the outfit is ‘iconic’ and so had to be there, but the whole scene about her post-Victorian England clothing just drew attention to its problems,

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