Wonder Woman Final Trailer – Angry Reaction

AngryJoe & OtherJoe give their thoughts on the Final Wonder Woman Trailer while we are away in Sweden!

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  1. TheIdiotAlchemist

    Ares is going to be the main villain, so don’t worry about that. You can see small glimpses of him in some of the trailers (particularly his horned helmet). There’s also a few pictures of Lego sets tied to the movie that show him in Lego form, if you’re curious about his basic design.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    I’ve been a fan of Wonder Woman since Lynda Carter, so whatchu talkin’ bout, Joe? Actually, as a character, I really liked her in Justice League: The Animated Series.

    What did you have against Gal Gadot? I heard they had a lot of different people in mind for the role, but someone really wanted her in it. So they were WAITING FOR GADOT! (It’s corny, but someone had to do it).

    • The Cartoon Network Justice League and JLU were awesome and got me back into DC the way Burton’s Batman and Batman TAS did a decade earlier.

      I think they had the best overall representation of Superman and Wonder Woman to date in terms of personality and powers.

  3. I REALLY want this movie to be good. DC needs to prove they do things right, and more importantly, yes, we need a good female superhero movie. And it would be great if the first good one was with the original female superhero?

  4. The animated movie is great.

  5. Joe is on target with this one. Very funny bits and a great point about how much is riding on this. Hollywood said a female Superhero wouldn’t work, and they gave us the god-awful Catwoman movie as proof.

    I think being set in WWI will help create a nice launching point like they did with the rejuvenation of Captain America and WWII setting. Now Captain America is cool again, but this aint’ the Whedon MCU, DC has had a spotty record lately.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      I would have preferred a WWII setting for Wonder Woman, but two things: (1) it would have drawn inevitable comparisons to Cap (though, let’s face it, there will be some anyway), and (2) it will explore a setting we don’t see very often. There aren’t terribly many film treatments of WWI, much less any superhero films set in that time period, probably because superheroes as we know them didn’t exist in the comic medium until just before WWII. But given WW’s character as an Amazon, there really isn’t any reason not to set it in WWI instead of II. It’ll be interesting to say the least.

  6. Yeah, regarding Gal Gadot… a major warning sign is that they used almost none of her voice, her dialog in this latest trailer. Considering how wooden her voice over monologue was in the first trailer, that’s kinda raising some red flags for me. The most compelling and riveting thing on screen in a Wonder Woman movie should not be Captain nuKirk.

    • Good point.

      I really didn’t like the choice of Gal Gadot, and I thought she looks too much like a model and not enough like a warrior. I know technically she’s probably more physically fit than Lynda Carter was (that was the 70’s after all), but Carter had a presence and intensity that made her sexy and a little intimidating.

      Lucy Lawless just never had the fortune of being at the right age when a major Wonder Woman live action project was happening, because she’s the NZ Amazon that probably would have been the best Wonder Woman of all time.

  7. I already got my tickets. I’m excited! This looks better than Suicide Squad and of course, Batman v. Superman. It looks like it has the great action scenes of those movies but now I see color and humor. As long as the script isn’t completely awful, I’ll love this movie. For me, it’s just a plus that she’s a woman.

  8. TragicGuineaPig

    I have to agree with Joe: Wonder Woman is a significant character and deserves a great film. Not just a good one, but a great one. I have high expectations for this film, but have a strong feeling that they’re going to mess it up somehow. We’ll see. Maybe they won’t ruin her for this franchise like they did Superman and Batman.

  9. Telling the guy (joss whedon) who made Buffy the vampire slayer tv series one of the most popular female icons of all time that a female superhero movie won’t work is really really dumb. Now they have him doing Batgirl LOL. Also what about Xena. Xena was loosely based off of wonderwoman. And Xena was more popular than the series she was spin offed from Hercules…soooo yea.

    • I’m a huge Lucy Lawless fanboy, but Xena wasn’t really based on Wonder Woman…I think Lucy was just exactly what you would think a real-life Wonder Woman would look like (despite being a natural blond). In the same way Patrick Stewart was born to play Charles Xavier.

      Like I said, it’s a shame there was never an actual Wonder Woman project while Lucy was of the right age to play her, but at least we get to see her in the Evil Dead franchise now.

  10. Certainly beats ”PANTS TO BE DARKENED!”. Remember that ?

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