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Film Brain wraps himself in the Lasso of Truth and gives his thoughts on the DC adventure – and finds himself surprised…

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  1. “genuine heart” … 😀 Okay, I’m daring to hope…

  2. B, borderline B+ for me. I felt like it had pacing issues…. ok, maybe not pacing, because most of the slower moments worked for me. I think that my problem with it is that as well as the movie works from a thematic and character standpoint, it seems like it meandered a bit from a plot perspective to the point it seemed like it had two different 2nd acts.

    The red herring with the villain was also very deflating. I wouldn’t have minded if Dr Poison subverted it, but let’s suffice it to say that the eventual big bad was not set up (trying to avoid spoilers) very well.

    I noticed immediately during the credits that Snyder was give a story credit, and it kind of clicked into place for me that this may have been a movie with A+ direction and a C- storyboard. The moments where the movie seemed to briefly lose narrative thrust combined with the excessive use of effects that weren’t, strictly speaking, necessary… I felt Zach’s invisible hand at times.

    I don’t know if the similarities to Captain America were intentional or happenstance as the ragtag band going behind enemy lines is not at all unique to these two movies. It seems if you are going to make a war time superhero movie, this is a likely way to go about it. That being said, the distracting moment during the climax that is alluded to in the review…. it was VERY distracting to me. I don’t know that it bothered me, but I was a bit incredulous. The parallels are undeniable at that point.

    Again, I liked this movie quite a bit. I don’t believe it was quite as good (or especially revolutionary) as some are suggesting, but it was an entertaining movie with very strong characters, effective communication of themes, and emotional payoff at key moments throughout.

    If the DC universe applies the lessons learned from this movie (humor, color, willingness to have fun, AN ADMIRABLE PROTAGONIST, etc), it will be in good shape moving forwards. Some movies warrant and even demand a darker tone, but trying to build a dour movie from the ground up just doesn’t work consistently.

    Wonder Gal changed my perspective on DC. I’m looking forward to Justice League now if only to see if the shift in approach for this movie will be mirrored going forwards.

  3. So, basically what you’re saying is that the DCEU has been waiting for Godot all this time?

    I’m starting to lean towards actually going and seeing this one. (I refused to watch BS in a theatre, and SS at all.)

    Although… You’re also telling me that most of the movie was filmed with that drab, piss-blue filter that makes it look horrible.

    I also have to wonder, based on some of the comments on this review, if it’s got a huge subtext of ‘men suck; stupid, war-mongering idiots’.

    Still deciding, but I think I might watch it.

    • The first act is very colorful. The second and third acts less so, but it also makes sense considering the setting within the WW1 theater. There is still color within these scenes which is particularly impactful due to the contrast.

      As far as the subtext of the movie… I think it deftly avoided any gender specific berating. I think the overall theme was humanist rather than specifically feminist. When the “world of men” was referenced, I took it to mean humans rather than specifically men though I suppose you could interpret it either way.

      • It’s feminist. Feminism is the thing that’s actually about equality. Humanism is a dumb, nonsense term coined by men who irrationally fear feminism.

        • TragicGuineaPig

          Wrong. “Humanism” as a term has been around at least since the Renaissance (from “humanitas”, a concept from classical Rome). If you’re going to comment on philosophy, you might want to actually study some history first so that you can sound half-way intelligent when you do so.

        • I said that it was not SPECIFICALLY feminist (at least not overtly so). Generally speaking anything emphasizing the value and potential of humanity in general will be feminist as well.

          • TragicGuineaPig

            Don’t pay handsomefatman any heed. He’s a troll, and not even that good of one.

      • Thanks, jnicho20. The colour is divided up kind of how I’d expected.

        Good to hear about the subtext, too. I saw Chris Stuckmann’s review later, and it seemed to say the same thing.

    • I wondered the same about the portrayal of war. I also refused to see BS or SS. I heard from 3 trusted that this one was worth it and you did not get that feeling (Chris Stuckmann, Film Brain, and Cinema Snob), and went to see it last night. I was impressed with the handling of war as an overall concept, and the Great War as a whole. The presentation of humanity is fair, and the presentation of the Amazons is intriguing. Somehow the director managed to avoid that obvious pitfall and make mankind and the Amazons what they are, not “me vs you, and you suck because you have a vagina/a penis.” Both LEARNED from the other, all the way through.

      I especially loved the portrayal of Diana’s aunt. Holy shit, I’d run into battle with her. 🙂

      • And thank you, too. I saw Chris Stuckmann’s review after I saw Film Brain’s, and it also gave me a positive impression. Good to hear it’s got an even perspective.

    • Men suck, and are stupid, war-mongering idiots. True in real life, but an important message, not because it’s anti-men (it isn’t). Men make the world awful for everyone, including men who don’t subscribe to toxic masculinity.

      Movies with this message are in the right, and sometimes freaking amazing films (see: Mad Max Fury Road).

  4. it’s only fair that this movie is basically Captain America crossed with Thor, since the actual Captain America movie borrowed its climax from an episode of the Justice League cartoon.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Is that the one where Vandal Savage basically takes over the world by sending future technology to his past self and usurps the Reich from Hitler?

      I actually thought the ending to that one – where Wonder Woman visits the aged Trevor in the nursing home – to be very sweet.

  5. I saw the movie last night and really liked it. Thumbs up!

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