Worst Lyrics: November 2015 – Rap Critic

I was in the middle of doing an opera (weird, I know…) but I squeezed some time in to do a quiick vid for y’all!

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  1. lacking_psilosynine

    rc i appreciate you taking time out from being an opera star to make this, and you may have made this mistake because all that opera makes you think in italian, but we don’t like being called “r*****ed” anymore. we kind of hate it. we call ourselves “intellectually disabled” or “developmentally disabled”.

    • lacking_psilosynine

      but no need to feel ashamed of that last joke; i mean, i watched the boondocks episode “the trial of r. kelly” earlier today.

    • GreatestLatinoGüeyEver

      Yeah…. Rap Critic. Please don’t use the r word to talk about intellectually disabled people. It’s a little shitty to do that. Other than that this was a funny episode.

    • He didn’t call anyone retarded, he was pointing out that the rapper was calling someone retarded.

      • lacking_psilosynine

        that doesn’t make it an okay thing to say.

        • It’s the use-mention distinction. If you can’t say the word at all, then you can’t tell people how wrong they are to use it.

          Though I admit it would have been nice for RC to have mentioned the word being a nasty word in its own right. But, from what I know of him, he probably just took that as a given.

          The dude is an SJW, after all–in the very positive sense of the term.

          • Why is it so wrong to mention the word? I mean, I understand it may hurt someone’s feelings but in the end, there will always be words that do that.

            You abolish something, and another thing will take its place.

            That’s how i see it though. And just censoring the word “retarded” seems not just a little but very extreme in my oppinion that is.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Rap critic probably used it because he wanted it point out how bad it was. There’s no wrong way in using it to point out what’s wrong with that lyric and he has the right to use it. I myself have autism and don’t like when people call me mentally retarded but it’s fine if someone’s using it(like rap critic) to point out a bad lyric but if a rapper uses it then that’s just really immature and uncalled for.

        • Uh, it kinda COMPLETELY does.
          Unless Voldemort’s taboo-detection curse is real or you have some very specific strain of the Vocal Chord Parasite, simply saying a word (especially in the context of simply referring to the word itself) is not somehow inherently harmful.

    • Here’s my issue with trying to get people to stop using the word retarded. First of all the term ‘mentally retarded’ is still accurate in a linguistic sense of the term. It literally means the delay of normal mental processes. The mere fact that it can be replaced one-for-one with ‘mentally impaired’ or ‘intellectually disabled’ shows that there is nothing wrong with the term when it comes to the official usage of the term.

      I can understand that it seems hurtful now based on how some people have used it. However, there was a time that it was the newest most PC term. Changing the terminology just means that in some span of years kids on the playground will be using ‘impaired’ or ‘disabled’ as pejoratives. Do phrase such as “There goes the impaired again.” or “Look at the stupid dis-dis.” really sound functionally different than “There goes the retard again.” or “Look at the stupid re-re.”?

      The solution isn’t to ban words as they become offensive. That leads to censorship and as much as some terms shouldn’t be said I support anybody who wants to stand up and speak their mind. So instead we need to do a few things.

      First, we need to realize that some portion of the world are, or can come off as assholes. This won’t change. Some people will always be ignorant, uncaring, or just plain rude and they will find a way to make you feel bad at some point in your life. This is a thing to learn to deal with.

      Two, we need to educate people about things as they come up. If a person comes up to you and puts their foot in their mouth by saying something like, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were retarded.” don’t snap at them. Explain that you would rather they use a different term, be friendly and let them see you as a person. Most ‘assholes’ aren’t once they’ve learned that their behavior is hurtful.

      tldr; changing the term won’t fix anything. There will always be something that deeply hurts and offends you and there will always be a person to use that term in a way that targets you.

      • Although words do evolve their meaning depending on how people change the context around them. I mean their was a time when the N-word literally just meant someone with black skin as the word just comes from the latin for black (heck there’s a country in Africa called Niger), but then it started to be used as a way of discriminating people and the whole context of what the word meant completely changed and it no longer just meant someone with black skin but someone inferior. There may have once been a time when retard was just a nicer way of saying someone with a mental disability, but now the word’s changed and now its basically synonymous with ‘stupid’ or ‘idiot’ thus when someone calls you a ‘retard’ its an insult, and no person is going to call a a “retard” as a simple description.

        • So, rather than addressing the issue, you want to go for a run on the Euphemism treadmill?

          You know that retard isn’t the first offensive term for those with mental problems. Before it we had terms like moron, imbecile, and idiot. We’ve also had amentia, mongoloid idiot, and cretin. Now we have mentally disabled and mentally impaired. History has shown us that it’s not going to be long before those terms start to be misused as well.

          What do we switch to after that? Mentally different? Developmentally special? Cognitively diminished? How about after that?

      • Hell, the “Clinical Term for Mental Disability” -> “General Insult” -> “New Clinical Term” cycle has been going on for ages. Moron and Idiot used to be clinical terms.

  2. Why do people care so much about the worded “retarded”? It’s just a shorter form of “mentally retarded”. And technically it is completely correct from a factual standpoint.

    • GreatestLatinoGüeyEver

      Because it’s a slur and “mentally r******d” is not an official medical term any-fucking-more. The proper term is intellectually or developmentally disabled.

      • But… it was? That’s like the George Carlin joke about PTSD. Here’s what i meant:

      • George Carlin would be rolling his eyes right now.

        Shell shock!

      • “Because it’s a slur and “mentally r******d” is not an official medical term any-fucking-more. The proper term is intellectually or developmentally disabled.”

        That’s not true. The term is still used in academic papers and is officially listed in official WHO terminology. Also “Because of its specificity and lack of confusion with other conditions, the term “mental retardation” is still sometimes used in professional medical settings around the world, such as formal scientific research and health insurance paperwork.”

        So the term is still entirely correct, both in terms of the literal meanings of the words mentally and retarded and in context with usage in the medical field.

      • I’m sorry but if I suffered from some a severe mental handicap but had the capacity for comprehension to recognize word usage, and someone called me “Intellectually Disabled” I would be far more offended then if they called me retarded.

        The same applies to if I suffered from dwarfism or any condition. I find the terms that people use in a vain attempt to be “Politically correct” to be far more insulting and belittling then the terms people throw around to insult others.

        The argument can be made with other words such as racial slurs. Homosexual individuals often use homophobic slurs to refer to themselves, one for instance being the term “Queer” which they often use to refer to their lifestyle but are still offended if someone who isn’t of their orientation refers to themselves as such. It’s stupid and hypocritical. A word is only offensive if you take offense. The answer is simple. You can’t stop people from using offensive words. You can cease to take offense and thereby remove any potency the words have. That is your power.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I think jay z was talking about his daughter blue ivy and her saying pepe(since she’s a toddler and what not but I don’t think he knew he was going to have one. If though missy Elliot had her butt up all in my spaghetti I’d dump it all over stupid head.

  4. lol. Yeah, RC’s job is pretty much done for him with lyrics like those.

  5. The first song that was covered in this video shows that Birdman doesn’t check the songs that his people make.

  6. (psst you labeled your #1 song as #3)

    (which is ironic since you went on to make a joke about piss)

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