Worst Lyrics of March 2016 – Rap Critic

This time, we span 3 decades to talk about the worst lyrics I’ve heard in the past few weeks.

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  1. “Go get yo Scooby Doos!”

    Lol! Oh gosh, I’m totally going to use that now…. Just whenever I’m playing an RPG with my friends or something and we’re updating their equipment, I’m just going to be like “We need to get some good Scooby Doos up in here for this mage!” That is the legacy that their fine, high-class, sex song is going to have on me…………..

  2. LOL. I love your reactions to especially the third song. So disturbing!

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    So guess Beastie Boys weren’t as perfect as they seemed and when in it that were to be an album title released today,people would be mad but if it were to be titled don’t be gay,people would be mega pissed off in the lgbt community and it would cause such an outrage. So guess what I’m trying to say here is: don’t insult the gay and let people be equal.

    Otherwise, I got nothing else to say except that next time when I see people who have messy shoes or have to get new stuff or update stuff just take this comment as I’m gonna start saying ‘get’ or ‘use’ them Scooby doos!!! It’s gonna be aware cause people won’t get it at all while I’m gonna be laughing cause it’s so stupid and they won’t get it but I cause I watched this video 😉

  4. All I can think is whoever came up with “Scooby-Doos” had overheard women mentioning “Jimmy Choo”s, and misremembered it or completely didn’t care, and just slapped in something that rhymed with the same number of syllables. *shrug* That’s the best I got.

  5. I’m sorry.. but every time I see that…. woman minaj whatever. Her face reminds me of a Anglerfish. You know those creepy as hell fish with the light on their head? yeah that is her.

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