WTFIWWY Live: Bizarro Old Yeller

This week: How much damage can a single drunken frat do? Find out! Also a heroic last stand for a frozen phallus, and the audience just don’t learn …

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  1. Tara, don’t say white people, say Anglo-Saxons
    those are the true source of all the world’s problems

  2. OK, now I want to hear the full story of how some vampire LARPers pissed off the crown prince of Saudi-Arabia…

  3. That’s nothing! During my senior trip around 15 years ago, the travel agency had the brilliance to put students from 3 rival schools on the same hotel. Even walls were destroyed and the police had to intervene!

    • Yeah, only under-developed impulse control centers can convince young men to fight and die for basically nothing and they each wanna top each other’s stories. Wank-wank

  4. Yes the do still make it —>

    This is the drink you are looking for *Jedi Mind Trick hand wave*

  5. So, what exactly was the thought process of the guy who traded the dog to try and kill his son? From the looks of it, it might as well be all because he saw a grapefruit, or something.

  6. Sorry for posting twice but DRUNKEN EDITED VIDEOS NEED TO BE POSTED PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also while it is regrettable that mail your enemies glitter is no more I do have an alternative, HOWEVER, This is NOT for silly “enemies” with annoying stuffed animals, but for REAL BLOODY ASSHAT Enemies. Please use with discretion!

  7. The other day, I watched a video on YouTube of a Nerf War at Magfest.

    I kept looking out for people I’d recognize. Nash was the only one I spotted…unless it was just someone who looked like him.

  8. So Nash’s done coke, explains so much….

  9. Hey Tara, I’ve found a hippo you might like. Nash might like him too, because he doesn’t speak.

  10. Gotta say, it feels good to see my name in the credits. 🙂

  11. Nash wins all of the points for making the Venture Brothers reference. And fuck it, now I have to modify the whole exchange.

    Ohh, that poor man has the saddest dick. Damn depressing.
    Right? Yeah, it’s like The Notebook sad.
    His dick is like “coming home from school and finding out that your old man ran over your cat” sad.
    Mournful. He has a mournful dick. It’s like two and a half suicide notes stuffed in a glitter thong.”
    That thing is like a little kid with progeria cracking all his ribs trying to catch a Nerf ball—just sad. Damn it, he has a gloomy dick!”
    It’s like he put a dollar’s worth of change into an old sock and then taped it to his waist.
    I want to build a little casket and give his dick a tasteful, dignified funeral.

  12. What!? NO! NO! Tera you ought to know better! You can’t just bring up the time you and your vampire larping friends pissed off the crown prince (now king) of Saudi-Arabia and not tell the tale! What did you do to piss of King Salman of Saudi Arabia?

  13. since you mentioned ferguson, I must mention that that town is actually quite nice, and there were very few people actually breaking shit, and even fewer of the people attacked by the police were doing anything destructive.

  14. You know that woman, baby and Taxi story sounds a Tarantino directed Coen brothers film.

  15. Why doesn’t Dan just come and sit next to Tara?

  16. “Slipped unnoticed over the White House fence”? Really? A naked guy trying to do the same thing was caught but a drone did it successfully?

  17. 31:56 I wonder if Nash is hinting at the origin of Maven and Paw’s little’un there…

  18. Dan=replacement Bridget?

  19. I think that that Animal House said it best, “Fat, drunk, and stupid, is no way to go through life. “

  20. That being said, the cost to repair the place, after all of that must have been pretty expensive.

  21. Okay, I really wish this worldwide obsessive compulsion with “LOLZ!!! ITZ UH DICK!!1!2!!!!!” would just goddamn stop. It’s not funny and it’s really irritating when nobody around you can look at any object in the entire world and see anything but genitals.

  22. The damages estimate has gone up to $100,000 now, and they still haven’t gotten all the quotes in. The county that the resort is in is pushing for criminal charges.

  23. So, not sure if this is accurate, but the following article says that the guy who traded his dog for a gun was threatening to kill both his son and the son’s girlfriend, which means the son is at least a teenager, but I’d guess probably older than that. Family feud, maybe?

  24. Tara….Your comment about White people is just arrogant at best. I would agree to a extend that the “White People” riot when their city team win the World Series, Super Bowl, and whatever sport events should be held responsible of their action. But you left out one thing important, maybe two: White people is not alone whom are into sports. There are different races and country that also celebrate when their team win or get angry when they lose by destroying the place or straight up killing each other but what you just said is a straw man argument. Same with the facebook post you mention when they were saying they’re animal which I can entirely disagree base on the form of content of their action.

    Ferguson Riot is a entire different story compare to sport fans riot. The one in Ferguson riot was stealing as well destroying local business, willing to KILL white family or people if the verdict don’t go their way, and other because of misunderstanding and misjudgement of what actually happen of the incident. And most of the riot WERE FROM OUT OF STATE AND WAS THERE TO LOOT THE PLACE. You know what worse? The step-father TOLD EVERYONE AROUND HIM TO BURN THE PLACE DOWN AFTER THE VERDICT BEEN MADE EVEN THOUGH THEY GOT EVIDENCES THAT THE COP WAS IN THE RIGHT!

    The two thing I was upset is the militarize police pointing gun at them as well throwing tear gas and the court case being set to private rather then shown to the public, so people can see the evidence and MSM (CNN IS THE WORST WITH IT RACE BAIT but Fox News is not far behind) wasn’t helping at all and neither of the so called protestor wanted VIOLENT!

    White people isn’t the problem. What IS a problem are those people whom are willing to commit violent over anything something stupid or had not been inform of what is going on. You should not blame “White people” for every damn thing and just because you’re Irish doe not mean you’re not White which is a hypocrite at best. It the content of their character and their action needed to be blame which is exactly why MLK is rolling in his grave because of this.

    You just lost a viewer as well my respects for this site. I did enjoy some of the joke and reference you made for a while but this pitch finally strike it out. I’m done with you.

    Turlock Journal
    POSTED October 30, 2012 10:06 p.m.

    Detroit’s city leadership is probably relieved that the Tigers didn’t win the World Series.
    That’s because Detroit baseball fans are widely credited with staging the first “victory riot” in the United States after the Tigers won the 1984 World Series.

  26. I was at that Pokémon tournament that came up in an old video where someone was throwing shit around the hotel afterwards, although I wasn’t at the hotel. Does that count?

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