WTFIWWY Live: Doogie Howser, L.A.R.P.

This week: The problem with katanas and underwear, a lunchbox full of felonies, and a look into just how we sift through all this madness …

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  1. Re: DNA – if you cook the food the DNA composes, so anything that has been heated above 70 degrees (Celsius) is probably safe. Unless it has been contaminated by being handled.

    • I don’t even think it matters since, even putting that aside, ingesting DNA isn’t going to put that DNA in your cells. It won’t become YOUR DNA, which was what the article acted like the concern was. That shouldn’t do ANYTHING to your own DNA.

    • I wonder how far I could get schilling a DNA-free diet.

    • So, better cook your apples, oranges, bananas, nuts, salads, sushi, steak tartare, etc., etc. then…

      Goddammit, people are stupid!

      Beam me up, there’s no intelligent life down here!

      Raw food can cause health problems, it’s true. But that’s because of bacteria, fungi and/or parasites (improper handling or storage in connection with the much faster decomposition compared to cooked food), not because it “contains DNA”.

  2. Thank you Nash for your research. That Closing line about the raining fire and seas of blood cracked me up. Also get your next episode of Here there be dragons out please

  3. *sportles* It wouldn’t really be considered slashfic Nash, it would be considered Danger Mouse crackfic….with probably a M-rating slapped on it obviously for the dick scene. XD

  4. Trapped inside the wall

    Is anybody really shocked about New Jersey allowing incest? Just go there and be amazed if you are.

  5. It must have been a Doogie Howser kind of week… in Florida of course: “Teen caught after posing as OB/GYN” That seems like a much better idea rather than risking someone’s life.. not that I would do either o.o

  6. I would never put cocaine and knives on a MLP or a Transformers lunchbox. I would probably use a Adventure Time or Gravity Falls one.

  7. Ah, Florida, never change.

  8. Thanks Nash, now I can’t get that image out of my mind.

  9. Fuck the Tremere. Brujah for life!

  10. I WAS scared Bridget was gonna die…. derp.

  11. hospitalist: a medical practitioner whose primary focus is care of patients in the hospital setting. They are board-certified internists I think.

  12. To quote the musician Voltaire: Bomb New Jersy.

  13. I think someone pulled a fast one on a lot of people. Switching out GMO with DNA. It’s a worthwhile cause, but when no one does their research, then you look stupid.

  14. Google is your friend. From

    “What is a hospitalist?
    The Society of Hospital Medicine has adopted the following official definition of “hospitalist.”

    Hospitalists are physicians whose primary professional focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients. Their activities include patient care, teaching, research, and leadership related to Hospital Medicine.

    The term “hospitalist” refers to physicians whose practice emphasizes providing care for hospitalized patients. The term was first used in a New England Journal of Medicine article in August of 1996. While some doctors have emphasized inpatient care for many years, there has been an explosive growth in the number of such doctors since 1994.”

  15. I got the Danger Mouse reference!

  16. 40:45 Nash’s reaction to the darker side of humanity never cease to be funny

  17. I do totally get what Tara is saying about The Goonies. I watched The Goonies at 19 and while I did enjoy a lot of it and do understand the appeal and why so many are attached to it, it didn’t feel like an “instant classic” to me and perhaps a lot of that was because I didn’t grow up with the film.

  18. Danger Mouse was still going in the 90s? Today I learnt something.

  19. you know what? I wholly support labeling food that contains DNA so I know not to eat the stuff that lacks DNA.

  20. How high does your Patreon goals need to hit for you to bring back Space Guy, Arlo, & Stick Dude? & if I got their names wrong, it’s your fault for not using them in so long.

  21. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Cocaine and knives at a nursery? I think Florida should change their state nickname to either the ‘WTF State’ or the ‘Death of Human Decency State’

  22. It’s not always nostalgia; I love Gremlins 2 as an adult way more than I ever did as a kid. Everybody else can probably think of a movie where that was the case.

  23. it’s a sad day when Radio Deadair has more journalistic integrity than the Guardian or ABC News

  24. So that’s how Ben Panced has been spending his time since Cow & Chicken ended.

  25. Well,at least this time they arent trying to ban dihydrogen monoxide.

    “In April 2013, two presenters at Gator Country 101.9, a radio station in Lee County, Florida, told listeners dihydrogen monoxide was coming out of their water taps as part of an April Fool’s Day prank and were suspended for a few days[31] by the station’s general manager, Tony Renda. Renda later told NewsPress: “It is one thing when radio stations change their format or other crazy things they do. But you are messing with one of the big three, food, water or shelter. They just went too far; I just knew I didn’t like that.”[32] The prank resulted in several calls by consumers to the local utility company, which sent out a release stating that the water was safe.[33]”

  26. I think the one about labeling DNA does seem to be written like the journalist is going “Are you shitting me?”

  27. Tara: As a Brit, I fully agree with you. The guy in the photo with the letterbox does look quintessentially British. You, however, do not look Irish. The hair is right, the skin is not. I believe the climate of NE USA would be to blame.

  28. Nash, I think you could have benefited from a little more research into, or at least a skeptical look at, that DNA survey. According to this article, -the context of the question & the poll suggests there’s very good reason to suspect the vast majority of respondents were assuming the question referred to GENETICALLY MODIFIED DNA and in fact it was quite reasonable for them to have done so. in short:

    1) That answer is distinctly at odds with past surveys which have indicated that most Americans are, in fact, at least somewhat aware of the nature of DNA. From the above post:

    “In 2011 a survey found that “85 percent of adults recognize that all plants and animals have DNA.” And another poll in 2003, ”found that 60 percent of adults in the United States selected the correct answer when asked ‘what is DNA?’ (the genetic code for living cells).”

    On the other hand, the 82% very closely resembles the 80% of Americans that typically respond in favor of labels for GMO’s (Genetically modified Organisms, or food with modified DNA)

    2) The question is one item in the middle of along list of very reasonable, mainstream questions on food safety regulations such as banning the sale of trans fats. As the author puts it:

    “The DNA question is the only one on the list that seems designed to test knowledge rather than opinion.

    So, imagine a survey taker who’s just had a series of questions on their preferences about food and is in the middle of a survey on government regulation. They encounter the question “Would you support mandatory labels on foods containing DNA?” What’s more likely, that they don’t know that DNA is in all living things, or that they assume they’ve misunderstood the question and it refers to “modified DNA” or “artificial DNA” or something else?”

    It seems to me this was either a trick question deliberately placed in a context designed to make people misunderstand what was being asked (any DNA rather than the presumed modified DNA) or else the people who assumed it was simply a typo and it really did mean to ask about modified DNA were in fact right.

  29. I actually read that interview with the woman dating her dad. It’s creepy as hell.

    • I went to search for the article and google auto-completed it as “What it’s like to date a horse” that search sent me to the same Science of Us site. So, yeah.

  30. 80%? I believe a certain futurama meme applies here.

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