WTFIWWY Live: Half-Cocked

This week: fun with cars and fire, WGN fails history and a drunk man wakes up in a GTA save file …

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  1. Oh my god please get tara a dildo bat XD also i like fire but i will not kill a spider with fire i will not a kill a spider period i understand tara but there is a bigger more annoying menace and its bed bugs! spiders eat them so fuck that noise. also miracle is ccuuuuute

  2. You can give give Tara the dildo bat, but keep her away from the Sonic Boom!

  3. Three Degrees of Bacon

    Another vote for getting Tara the dildo bat. And yes, please film and share its use to end a spider.

  4. Poor guy. He cocked his gun, and then he gunned his cock. And he did everything right to get zero sympathy.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I actually looked up what a dildo bat was after I finished the video and I gotta say we should get her one of those(it actually won’t cause too much harm it’s just a sword so not that bad). Also I totally understood that no whammy joke btw. Wish I could have more to right about but can’t conjur up anything so srry.

  6. The last story really bugs me because I live in Scott Depot, about 20 miles from Charleston…and this is how I found out about it.

  7. I’m sure that whole Arson thing you mentioned isn’t completely correct. Surely it’s only illegal to set alight to a vehicle under the following circumstances:

    A) It’s not your vehicle (or property)
    B) You’re doing so in an attempt for insurance payout
    C) You’re setting it on fire in a place or way that would endanger others and/or on someone else’s property without consent.

    In the case of the last one, Surely it cannot be illegal if you decide to set alight to your own property (vehicle) ON your own property (land) in a safe manner… ie, make sure there is no potential way for the fire to spread… while doing it without any cause to expect any kind of profit from doing so.

    For example, doing it in the middle of a tilled field where there’s no grass to ignite, while having the vehicle in a slight trench or surrounded by a ring of stones/bricks on the chance it does start to spread.

    • Sure enough, but here’s the catch, you have to stay, watch it burn, extinguish the fire, and have the consent of all residents of the property; furthermore if you so much as even talk to the insurance company about it, that can be considered arson. Same if you try to benefit in any other manner, you’d have to treat it like burning garbage and take a total loss to not be guilty.

  8. Facebook, downfall of Humanity : H minus A few more years.

  9. I am not a man to ask for things, but here I am, begging. Please get Tara a dildo bat

  10. The moment Nash said “And now for something completely different” I was complead to say “It’s”

  11. well what if your shoe is a tap shoe? and it sparks

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