WTFIWWY Live: My Milkshake Brings All the Cops to the Yard

This week: a thief who left a resume, a robber who knocked over a lemonade stand, and a burglar who stole from a … oh, you have GOT to be kidding …

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  1. Orcish Librarian

    You know why you have to sent them a resume AND type it in online? Because it needs to be typed into the system and most businesses are to cheap to pay some one to do it. So guess who has to do it for free?

    • Why even catalogue them all in a system like that? With most small-mid locations, hiring is managed by one or two people, they could easily go over the resumes by hand.

      Or at least they could all agree on and release a standardized form you could submit instead of retyping the same information every. single. fucking. TIME.

  2. Didn’t realize Maryland elected Kitty Sanchez to office

  3. Ericthebearjew1

    One could say the illogic of the vagina thievery will make one quite muffed!

    …………..I’ll get my coat.

  4. After I finished telling the vagina story to him, my father brought up one good point: what if the woman was a prostitute and the guy was her pimp? And she was hiding the money there or something? And he found out? After which another point was brought up: What if the money was in a plastic bag in there? Who knows? Every possibility just brings more questions.

    • I don’t know – I think if you were in that line of work, that’s one of the first places one would check. Also you better remember to take it out before you – um, open for business. Otherwise – paper-cuts in places nobody wants paper-cuts…

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    If i brought up that robbing the v word story to my mom she would be so mad at me. I think theywere just makin out in the back and the man pulled out money and put it into her v-jj but not sure about it! I took a nap into 7:30 today and im not that tired so I’ll be up speculating that story(thanks nash). But i would totally subscribe to tara if she got a youtube but i won’t send you a picture of my sexy toy since i don’t have one and tara’s messed up!!!!

  6. Considering the amount of news stories we see with people using the vagina as a pocket, this was bound to happen

  7. Vladimir von Ludvig

    So if guns don’t fix things and duct tape fixes everything, then what happens if i were to make a gun that shoots duct tape?

  8. I’ve actually heard of dudes who go into a store, fill out an application, then rob the place…leaving behind a paper with their name, address, 3 personal contacts, and previous employment history on it…That’s about as bad as the story you put in today’s video.

  9. I accidentally hit the Close Caption button when trying to up the quality (it reverts back to 480 sometimes for no reason.) I gotta say that was the happiest accident I had. The flubs in the CC trying to figure out what was being said had me laughing harder than some of the stories.

    My two favorite lines: “When you have a hammer everything looks like a male” and “santini say walked up to the stand Wednesday and asked the two 13-year-olds for some women.”

  10. So THAT’S why pennies smell so bad!

  11. Daemian Lucifer

    People keep saying how politicians are idiots.But what they often neglect is this question:Is the bigger idiot the one with power who doesnt know how to behave with it,or the one who gave them that power to begin with?

  12. The thing with guns is that we started our nation by revolting against the British. And when the founding fathers wrote the constitution and setup the rules they new one day the govt. they themselves were forming could become tyrannical. The idea of guns being so popular in America is that should the govt. overstep it’s bounds and go from being a public servant to being a tyrannical leader we can arm ourselves and remove the tyrannical leaders from power. Note I don’t think we’ve yet reached this level. Also guns are a form of power and who doesn’t like power.

  13. 12:00 They generally don’t. All the high-grade explosive fireworks require a licence in most places, the general public usually only has access to sparkling fountains, bottle rockets, etc.

  14. ROFL! Tara broke Nash! And that room is much bigger than I thought it was!

  15. VulpesHilarianus

    Being arrested for robbing a lemonade stand seems like something I’d see in a bad 90s comedy. Just… Why?

  16. Basken Robbins ALWAYS finds out.

  17. Okay one: your cohost clearly is missing the point of asking that question about sex toys
    Two: The cops asked the women who lived in the house if it was theirs, clearly it was not something you stick a dick in.

  18. It’s not about seeing her tits, but about seeing this video in action. Censor the fuck out of it, I’d still like to see it.

  19. Fireworks are explosives, yes, but the kind they let pretty much everyone use are only deadly if you are extremely stupid and use them wrong. But the same thing can be said about a lot of things. A stupid idiot that drinks bleach can die, too.

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