WTFIWWY Live: Number Two With Fries

This week: a new definition for “potential fashion victim,” tasering city officials for fun and profit and Dora the Explorer + Finding Nemo = someone calling child services…

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Best couple of the year undoubtedly Tara and Miracle the cat and no other couple will change my mind. Does anyone know in the comments what drug the man was taking that convinced him to eat his own poop on a sandwich. Now to look up the black swallower just to see how bad it is!!!!!

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Just saw it and It is real fat and it will be in my nightmares and parents you might not want to show your children!!!!

  3. The closest you come in porn to the Black Swallower is, according to a Google search, the Black Swallow.

  4. I, for one, am proud of the commenters for their “shit” jokes. Way to be topical, people!

  5. Check out the goblin shark!

  6. We have this year’s Darwin Awards winner then! – Oh and Pasty is pronounced Pass tea.

    • Yeah, if you pronounce it pay stee, then you’re talking about the little paper things that strippers glue over their nipples in places that prohibit topless dancing.

  7. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    33:04 – Seeing a fucking octopus in your Japanese porn is one thing; encountering one in real life is decidedly more unpleasant.

  8. You know, in Quebec, we frequently fling around the phrase “Eat shit”. It’s basically when you’re nonchalantly saying “F*** you” to a friend of yours when he’s just being a bit annoying. However, we never meanm it literally. Jesus, that story was plain disgusting. In fact, this week’s WTFIWWY was more depressing than usual. Oh well, I guess that depends on the stories covered during the show…

    …seriously though, the disclaimer was definitely needed. Holy damn. Yuck.

  9. Without a doubt, those parents are going to hell.

  10. thumbs down on Tara’s typical liberal response to the firework story. you dont understand why people can still legally buy fireworks? i suppose it is big brother government’s job to keep us safe from ourselves.

    • Some people in the world do actually believe that, yes. That government should do more to make sure the stupid people don’t kill themselves. I’m not so certain Tara is that extreme though.

    • Its an explosive, is it really that unreasonable to demand that only qualified people use it? Or do you want terrorists to be able to drive to Frank’s Fireworks to outfit their plot for just $99.99! 😛

      • Indeed. Heck, even without terrorists involved, a mistake with fireworks can hurt more than just the one who makes the mistake.

        • Emperor.Hampton

          I’m fairly Libertarian on most things, but I’m for banning fireworks in urban and suburban areas. That’s a public safety issue. I don’t really care if you kill yourself by being stupid, but you can’t put other people in danger like that. Keep that to rural areas where you can’t hurt anyone, or leave it to the experts. And if there’s a drought, don’t even try to use them. Brush fires are not good.

    • Dem durn libruls, tellin’ us not to blow our heads off with explosives! How dare they!

  11. 11:03-11:06 someone farted! Both were so straight-faced that I can’t tell and one of them should have been very embarrassed. I bet they play poker LIKE A BOSS!

  12. When I was in highschool we did a live frog dissection, when one of the girls cut her frog open and saw its still beating heart she started to freak out and tried to ask how to put it back together. I comforted her by telling her the frogs were already given drugs and were brain dead when they were given to us, their organs kept functioning but not conscious. But if we saw those frogs hopping around in the front of the class and then our teacher killed them in front of us I think there would have been hell to pay, I mean seriously what kind of psychopath DOES that!? Especially to a cute fluffy mammal like a rabbit?!

    • In Highschool Agriculture class, we to a field trip to a meat processing house. Yes, we learned the entire process including how to kill, cut, and process cattle and livestock.

      I think it is important for people to know where their food comes from.

  13. I really don’t get how this chimney thing keeps happening…

    I work selling fireplaces, and the width of the flues (the shaft opening inside the chimneys) we have here in England are about the diameter of a SMALL pizza (7-9″)

    How the hell do people keep crawling inside shit like that?!?!?!

  14. Tasers are officially described as “less than lethal” rather than “non-lethal” for a reason. A taser may not be designed to kill, but they definitely can and have killed people. They are definitely not toys.

  15. But if you put your iPhone in your pocket, you’re not showing it off to everyone to prove that you’re better than them in some way.

  16. I must be having some kind of mental dissonance with you people, I have no problem at all with the rabbit lessons. In fact as a teen I would have been outright fascinated. They’re just rabbits, oversized vegan mice with stretched out ears. So what if the man wanted a brace of roast hare and decided to share a bit of actual reality with his students.

    He’s a teacher, he taught them things we barely have words for. As far as I’m concerned that man went above and beyond the call of duty for his job.

    • you know, torturing and killing small animals is a sign of sociopathy…

      • In modern but poor Indian cities (as in India), they raise rabbits as livestock. Mainly because they need little space (much of Asia has extremely dense populations), grows fast, and breeds fast.

        Killing without cause is a sign of sociopathy, yes. But they said the teacher was going to eat them, the students needed to learn dissection and biology.

  17. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    OMG! I have relatives who live in Van Meter! Apparently that city councilman is an asshole so it’s actually going pretty well.

  18. Also IIRC military recruits all get tear-gassed as part of their NBC training.

  19. That guy killing the rabbits is just plain fucked up. Brings a whole new meaning to “Kill the Wabbit”

  20. Some days, I wish I was not born in Western Kansas. Dang, I am going to get flak for this.

    In High School Agriculture class, one class trip was to a “Meat Processing House”. We studied the entire process including the killing part. This was before lunch…… we had hamburgers that day…. I appreciated the irony. 🙂 I still remember the basics of the processing.

    I sympathize, but sometimes I think people are a bit too soft in this modern era. My father was a true farmer’s child. By the time he was 10; he knew how to slaughter, prepare (pluck feathers, remove intestines, ect.), and cook a chicken.

    In modern but poor Indian cities (as in India), they raise rabbits as livestock. Mainly because they need little space (much of Asia has extremely dense populations), grows fast, and breeds fast.

    I know a guy, who hunts rabbits for food. Then he sells the fur, for extra money (he was raising kids and needed the money).

    I sort of feel bad for the kids, but at the same time, know where your food comes from.

  21. Babies don’t belong in the fucking ocean!!!

  22. When you mentioned dick phones, I’ve learned from years watching this show: no one wants to see your dick. And no one wants to see your phone being a dick.

  23. No one dies stupidly like Gaston! …I’ll show myself out
    No one proves Charles Darwin correct like Gaston!
    Going straight to hell for this…. “Nooo onnne…cooks like Gaston ,no one fries like Gaston, no one singes or sizzles or fizzles like Gaston!”
    He was taking Katy Perry too literally…
    Ummm… don’t listen to Katy Perry during the 4th of July?!? I honestly got nothing.
    Do not try and earn a patriotic Darwin award, it’s not worth it
    Equal and opposite reaction on its own would have hurt his neck, at least…
    Here lies Jimmy Jack Joe Bob. He died like he lived, doing something stupid.
    Incendiary devices + alcohol = someone gonna fucking die.
    Fireworks should not be useable as munitions. Regulate your fireworks, people!
    Thanks to Isle of Rangoon, the story we’re about to hear will approach 6.2 gigahonkies.
    “It’s tough to prevent white people” sounds like a CAH result
    I mean people have already had people being shot for holding a mobile phone and a cop thinking it was a gun… why not make that easier!
    I’ll take “Things only white people can buy for $1000” Alex!
    as Tumblr would say “This is the kind of stupid shit Withe people with dreadlocks would do”
    Bang bang, my iPhone shot me down!
    “I want an iPhone for Christmas!!” “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”
    Owner: Go ahead, make my day. Phone: *Bing* That is a quote first spoken by Clint Eastwood. Owner: Uh, thanks I guess.
    I sometimes goof off and pretend my phone is a gun, but this is taking it too fucking far
    “i put a gun to my head. I used it to talk to grandma”
    Dial M for Murder: You’re doing it wrong
    “Mama, I just called a man. Put a gun against my head…”
    Oh my god, this is the Stephen Colbert “Sweetness” gag!
    “Excuse me while I whip this out” *pulls out his iPad*
    Well this is a shocking story.
    “Taze me bro… that’ll be 5 bucks”‘
    Jamie’s got a iPhone, Jamie’s got a iPhone, her world’s come undone, from looking straight on the phone.
    Gonna be honest, there’s some people I’d pay to taze a politician.
    In the words of Nash “If irony had a dick, it would be masturbating right now”
    that looks like Nerf gun. The new Nerf Taser!
    Someone was high while watching The Hangover
    What happened to just throwing a pie in a city official’s
    Lord knows I’d like to taze NC’s governor. I voted Democrat!
    “Don’t taze me, bro” shouldn’t be a slogan.
    that’s like the school fairs where you could pie teachers only possibly deadly
    “This is for the Soda tax!” *tasers*
    What if one of those city officials has a pacemaker? That’s a guaranteed manslaughter charge right there!
    “You sure you want to let people shoot you with a taser, Mr. Mayor?” “I swear I don’t have a boner!!!”
    No! Chuck Grassley, he is a ground Pokemon electricity won’t work on him! D:
    The Green Mile got dark with these tazer guns.
    Girl in our class volunteered to get tasered when a cop gave a talk. She pooped her pants
    The only time we’ve seen people handle a taser is when they’re full of enough drugs to fill a warehouse
    The whole point of electricity is that is will make you lose control of your muscles. Ain’t no amount of self-control or strength will help you when you can’t control your damn limbs!
    Jackass stunts are not a safety awareness plan.
    Save Our Free Clinic, Stab Dr. House For 50 bucks
    On the other hand, if they got Trump to be tazed for charity… they’d have a fucking tank by the end of an hour
    Tara Story: Birth of a serial killer edition
    “Kill the Wabbit!
    Was he trying to give them a live action reproduction of Watership Down?
    …do you want to make serial killers? That’s how you make fucking serial killers!
    Biology teacher Anton Chigurh
    So the teacher was Hannibal?
    “Hey kids meet the bunny! Name it! pet it! Love it! And Oh no it died!”
    So according to Nash the Teacher was The Medic from TF2.
    This is like something Roald Dahl would have a teacher do in one of his books to show how evil they are
    Alastor moody’s class of defense against dark arts has gotten weird
    Josef Mengele’s School of Medicine
    Dammit, did nobody see Gremlins?!
    Ho ho hooodamn I’m stuck!
    Stuck in a chimney! Stuck in a chimney, step in time Stuck in a chimney, step in time Never need a reason, Never need a rhyme Stuck in a chimney, step in time
    : Miracle cannot has cheezeburger.
    Up on the housetop, click-click-click. Down through the chimney with this stupid dick.
    “Chim-chim-a-ney, chim-chim-a-ney, chim-chim-charoo! If you climb down the chimney, we’ll have to rescue you!”
    If we get a story where someone gets stuck in a chimney while they have a gun stuck in their vagina, I think the world will explode.
    “It’s 3 in the morning, do you know where your common sense is?”
    Fuck Man: Worst Robot Master ever!
    “Chim chimmery chim chim cherri. I’m stuck in a chimney, oh fuck it, help me.”
    Are you one of the Littles? No? How about one of the Borrowers? No? Then you do not belong in excessively small, confined spaces.
    You’re a dumb one, Mr Griiiinch….
    Whenever God locks you out of the house, somewhere he shoves your fat ass through a chimney.
    “This pasty tastes like shit” “It is shit” “Oh good then it’s not just me”
    The guy could have just gone to Taco Bell.
    Poop is not a treat either.
    It’s Poop to the Loo not Poop to the Food
    Eat shit and die, you’re doing it wrong.
    When you tell people “Eat Shit!” or “Eat my shit!”, that’s an insult, not a suggestion!
    Oh gods it’s like Sweeney Todd by immature 5th graders
    Coming to Pizza Hut, Cheesy Excrement Crust for a limited time only… that limited time is within one hour only.
    That is not what a Poo-Poo Platter is!
    “What would ya dooooooooooooo for a Klondike bar???” “Would you eat your own poo?”
    Melted Snickers Bar by Tyrone Biggums
    The next episode of Brad Tries is gonna be a bit interesting.
    Cooked in a dutch oven.
    The sharks were like “when did we order delivery?”
    The story of baby Moses is not a LARP!
    *Slaps Parents in the Back as they fry in their sunbathed tan*…Bad Parents…No Suntan Lotion
    Look Who’s Swimming is not a good Kirstie Alley/John Travolta reunion.
    The drowning risk, the sunburn, the currents…how many ways could this child have DIED with this negligence?!
    That loud clap you hear isn’t thunder. It’s the combined clap of half a thousand people face-palming at once.
    “When the stars are right, and a baby is sacrificed to the Old Ones, R’lyeh will rise from the ocean yet again.
    Wait… wasn’t this the beginning of Sharkboy and Lavagirl?
    And the baby will be rescued by Atlanteans, he’ll soon grow up to be either Aquaman or Namor The Sub-Mariner.
    We learned that poop is not a plan OR a treat.
    Also, there is a reason why Watership Down cannot be a live-action moviev

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