WTFIWWY Live: The Bee Train

This week: a drone causes a remote-controlled prison riot, a man is sentenced to marriage and bible verses, and a seven car pileup culiminates in (you guessed it) hardcore nudity!

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  1. This guy with the microwave box… He said he had to get to a bees-ness transaction?

  2. Alternate universe experience:
    I remember the news reported the suicide of Louie Anderson and that “Life with Louie” a cartoon based on his childhood scheduled to premiere in a few months was canceled in response.

  3. There are times when humanity does something magnificent and I am proud of what we accomplish. Then “this” happens and I remember that my plea for amnesty of my species is still maintained.

  4. Oh good, more of Tara’s luddite scaremongering.

    • I hope so. I just went back in Nash’s archives, picked out a video (almost at random) and Tara told that exact same story about the ( “heydron collider”??? ) right after I saw this video. It’s either one hell of a coincidence or she tells that story more often than I’ve noticed.

      • @Brad1ey Shaw

        You are indeed correct.
        The Apocalypse, and the Large Hadron Collider are two of her favorite topics.
        I don’t know where she got this thing about “the Anti-Christ” though; Catholics don’t believe in an Anti-Christ; and her family is Catholic.
        It’s not part of the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, nor of the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church.

        • She’s probably a Catholic-Christian hybrid. Could have come about from exposure that caused fascination, fear or both. Religious stories can warp a mind pretty good these days so the world ends up with all kinds of people with all manner of faiths. Some of it perfectly fine, some of it appears to have come from the antichrist himself (or herself, whichever you prefer).
          As more and more people of our era abandon religion it seems that an equal amount become religious fanatics to take up the slack. The end result will be nothing the human race can ultimately afford without the loss of its innocence. I know that what’s coming in the next few decades with be nothing we want to see, and possibly everything that the antichrist would.
          Enjoy the world while you can. If these religious nuts have their way the world as we know it may be completely gone in ten years. 🙁

      • It’s not a story. It’s just her repeating some stupid nutcase stuff she’s read. She apparently likes reading them for fun.

        The LHC and the Antichrist feature heavily in those apocalyptic people.

  5. Y’know, maybe people would stop putting heroin in their “do-not-put-that-there” area, if we repealed the drug laws, and instead prosecuted people based on like, second-degree murder for selling GODDAMN POISON. You wouldn’t be smuggling the stuff, AND we’d still have law-enforcement able to swoop in on the really serious stuff that warrants it (and not waste time with bullshit like kids giving friends an aspirin or something…)

    • @Sapadu

      Legalizing heroin?
      Congratulations, you have just won the Idiot Of The Week, award.

      (mock applause)

      • They legalized it in Portugal, set up recovery clinics, and now the number of users has gone down.

        Why in the world would you think you could hand out such an award when you don’t even know the basics about the subject? And you’re so sure about it, too.

        Oh, and speaking of stupid things, you don’t need to use @notation when you have nested replies.

  6. Man, I’ve remembered a lot of stuff wrong over the years. Minor events being slightly different, video games released at least a month before they actually were, music being different (sometimes my memories of certain songs were actually better than those songs really were), titles being different and some music albums that never happened even though I swear I saw them real life and not a dream. It’s freaky all the times I’ve discovered things like these and then said to myself, “That’s impossible! I know it wasn’t that way.”

    Hey Nash, any chance you can give us an update on when you’ll be doing another crossover in order to review ‘The Death of the Incredible Hulk’? It really bugs me that you haven’t finished the review trilogy of those made-for-tv movies with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

  7. The Almighty Foust

    What’s that? You think all the times the world was supposed to end really almost happened, but some unknown hero stopped it?

    You’re welcome!

  8. 3:49

    Dodger’s like an unpopular kid at school, who’s been made hall-monitor, and suddenly think’s that they’re God.

  9. 13:04

    Actually, England developed urine-shields for exactly this purpose, in the 1800s. Business owners would have them installed around the base of their building, so that if a person came by and tried to pee on the building, the pee would be redirected directly back at the person.
    They were very popular before the advent of public restrooms.

  10. 21:15

    At this point, I think the man might be within his rights to sue the judge for violation of the Separation of Church and State, and to have the judge charged with Malfeasance in Office (When you take the oath of office, you officially swear to uphold the the U.S. Constitution. Breaking an official oath is a federal crime).

  11. Oh man, I got distracted in that last story when I noticed one of the headlines in the side bar started with “Drone crashes into Great American…” and I could think is “what kind of full circle bullshit is that?”

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Nash you and tara should get your own mobile like a news crew and call your show where you interview naked criminals the wacky naked project of the grumpy man and the cat lady (it be genius). I think the drone have minds of there own and they probably misread the directions on purpose and then dropped it into the prison but a person probably bought one then stashed drugs into his car then got the drone and flew it to the prison.

    One of the condoms the girl used looks like it was a contact and the black one is probably rotting fruit (or somethin) and i think i saw a carrot.

    That beehive story was from may ya know!! Also that pole was probably pee’d on by a dog or a man peed his urine into a jar and spreaded it over the pole (amazing how that guy survived it impressive right!!!!)

  13. Bonus points, Chagrin Falls is Bill Waterson’s hometown. If the guy was white and blond, I would’ve lost it.

    Also, given judges deal with a lot of stupid cases, I’m hoping that at least part of that judge’s sentence involved the Happy Flappy Equation.

  14. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    How much piss does it take to corrode a street lamp? What the flying fudge.

  15. On the marriage probation story:

    The guy punched the ex-boyfriend because the ex-boyfriend was saying nasty things about the girl. The judge asked the guy during the sentencing hearing if she was worth it. The guy replied that he would have stood up for any woman that was being disrespected like that in public. So the judge responded that if she was worth it, he would have to marry the girl as part of his parole. Yeah, because that makes sense.

  16. Chagrin Falls reminds me of a place not that far from where I live in the U.K. that is honest to God called “Pity Me”.

  17. I’ve heard of life imitating art, but this is the first time I’ve heard of life imitating the Reverend W Awdry.

  18. 4:58
    Uh, no. No, no, nono nopity nope nope NO. Unless you’re flying it around the end of a runway, a normal commercially available quadcopter has NOWHERE NEAR the range needed to get up to the altitudes used by commercial airplanes. (Roughly 600 feet, vs 30-40 THOUSAND feet).

    I know it’s not really your area of expertise, but bad Tara! No fearmongering!

  19. I’m pretty sure a forced marriage and a religious sentence are BOTH unconstitutional…besides that’s the biblically prescribed punishment for RAPE, not assault.

  20. I refuse to allow the world to end on the second day of Salt Lake Comic Con!

    The solution to the drone problem: Just allow officials like cops (and guards) to shoot them down.

    A subway woefully under populated by bees? My microwave box full of bees should put a stop to that!

    • Well firstly, firing anything besides birdshot up into the sky is a terrible idea because bullets don’t just magically disappear. What comes up must come down, and unless fired at a perfect 90 degree angle, that bullet’s coming down with lethal force.
      Secondly, any consumer quad/sexi/hexacopter that can somehow (presumably due to magic or divine influence) fly high enough to interfere with flight traffic will be well out of range of small arms fire.

  21. A guy flew a drone over Cork city, where I’m from, he got a several thousand euro fine for it.

  22. Two options. The reason that guy disappeared after warning about the Large Hadron Collider are:
    A) He succeeded and changed how it will be used.
    B) He accidentally came into contact with his ancestors and prevented his own birth.

  23. I am in grave searing pain, from all the face palming.

    I give up, I love my drones, but I understand I won’t be able to keep one for long. Just ban the thing, do it now so that the pain is lessened. Just….. just do it.

  24. The problem with the forced marriage, is that in modern society it can be a punishment.

    Hear me out.

    Under the legal system, a woman can divorce her husband with no real cause. She can then get half of all his possessions, total custody of the children and then soak the man for child support for the next twenty years.

    I know not all women do that, but more then half of them do. The judge did something far worse to this guy. He should have taken the jail sentence.

  25. So in the words of the great pumpkin riot: Fire It Up! Fire It Up! Fire It Up!
    …How does the hadron collidor summon the antichrist?
    “Hello! I am the anti-christ! I’m really a nice guy once you get to know me!”
    Well that’s a new one. I’ve heard “black holes” out of that, but not a portal to the Antichrist.
    My science-fiction workshop advised me against combining things like the LHC and the Antichrist.
    The world is becoming more and more like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. They had an apocalypse every year too.
    The Anti-Christ loves pancakes and kitties! He’s a nice guy!
    “Great Scott! Do not turn it on!”
    Clearly these Scientist saw Spiderman 3
    “I’m Rip Hunter. I’m from East London. And the Future!”
    If Marvel superheroes were created today, instead of radiation, it would be the HLC in their origins.
    The ghostbusters stopped Ragnarok (yes, that happened once in the cartoon)
    Damn it legendary heroes, stop being so efficient at saving the world
    I swear, one of these days some crackpot is going to strap a gun to one of these things…
    We need Racing Drones. Come on, who else remembers Acceleracers?
    Orange is the new Black meets Homeland
    You dropped a bomb on me…
    “Drugs are falling from the sky! Look everybody!”
    Is this a Megamind AU? They dropped drugs instead of an alien baby?
    “Try a cavity search now, meatbags!”
    And lo, drugs began raining from the sky. “I love you too, inmates”, bellowed a voice from the heavens
    “Drug smuggling’s a new trick for a robot. Respond.”
    Raining drugs! Hallelujah, it’s raining drugs!
    Real-life GTA supply drop!
    Skynet New plan for world domination is incredible!
    “Crack is rainin’ from the sky! It is truly a glorious day!”
    “Heroin and Crack don’t just fall from the sky you know…!?”
    The drone gained sentience and escaped “Dobby is free!”
    “The Gods Must be High”
    The sequel to I, Robot: “I, Drug Mule”.
    If it takes less than 30 minutes the drugs are free
    “It’s not delivery, it’s de drone. Oh.”
    Surprised no one tried to shove it up their butt.
    Oh yay it “snowing” in ohio
    Praise Narcotica, goddess of highs, for her bounty!
    The drone was too high and dropped it’s shit.
    The Dronecrank Redemption.
    Our new reality tv show: 100 prisoners, one bag of drugs, live stream PPV ony $50
    “Snowflame is a flying robot now!!!!!”
    “Get Hard 2. Guest starring R2-D2.”
    Snowflame hired Pollo for his new delivery service
    The reboot of Prison Break doesn’t seem to be faithful to the original.
    This is going to end with someone trying to smuggle a drone into Prison up their ass isn’t it?
    The defining problem of the 21st century; the law just can’t keep up with technology.
    So what did the army employ tony montana for drone supplies?
    that escalated quickly
    This shit is why we don’t have flying cars.
    When I was a child and learned what drunk driving is, it immediately killed my desire to ever see flying cars available on the consumer level.
    “We’re about to take off…and oh! A little drone. Another two hour delay.”
    “I was gonna fly my drone, but then I got high…”
    It’s official drug dealers are getting smarter and apparently more nerdy.
    Well doesn’t that just take the piss.
    I’ll bet he was pissed off.
    How many homeless people did that?
    Man, if that thing nearly hit me, I’d be….pissed off!
    Sniper, no.
    A Xenomorph marks its territory.
    You’ll find a woman with a flower in her hair, and a lamppost in her head
    Man…he must have been so pissed
    This is a Final Destination grade accident
    I amPissman. My super power is i piss acid
    Holy fuck what do you need to drink in order to pee freaking acid!! o_o
    Somebody pissed off the lamp posts
    Just a wee, wee more and a guy would die.
    Ok, how dehydrated do you have to be to have urine with a pH level that high
    Xenomorph, go home, you are drunk!
    “Dude, they eat capsaicin for fun!”
    Urine for jacked up insurance after this!
    So, now a possibility is that because of piss, urine danger of street lamps falling.
    Piss-poor maintenance work
    So, now a possibility is that because of piss, urine danger of street lamps falling.
    Piss-poor maintenance work
    Just thought up an episode title for tonight. “It’s Not Delivery. It’s the Dope Man.”
    I feel like aliens watch this show and are all “nope, we’re staying the fuck away from this planet.”
    Talk about a pissy day rimshot
    You destroyed a street light with your pee? Are you a whizzard?
    “This just in, pissed pole strikes car”
    The light pole fell done, and then formed a path to Alcatraz for Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants to walk across
    Modern art that really does take the piss
    I am reminded of the Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin wanted to see his frozen snot trails.
    This is where one that’s 8 miles wide comes in handy.
    Veronica, get out! Your vagina is high as balls!
    It would have been funnier if it were one woman who had two vaginas “twice as much storage space!”
    Multiple women?? They were BOTH convinced it was a good idea?
    Maybe these females just flunked Biology class, and think that humans are marsupials.
    You have to get out of here. Your vagina is shooting up
    I bet she was a “heroin” to her dealer for not snitching (I’ll let myself out!)
    Good grief, 1.8 pounds?! That’s not a stash, that’s a dildo!
    They had to hide it there, because their drones kept dropping it.
    What a wonderful epitaph “here lies so and so, died from heroin in her vagina”
    Putting heroin in your vagina is just Con-Dumb (thank you!)
    This is why I get high on life…and Buffout.
    “What’s in her box?!”
    So Nash are you saying that Girl was Poison wears Sunglasses
    From Curb your Enthusiasm: “I steal forks from restaurants”.
    So…..I take it….SHotgun weddings are out in Texas?
    talk about a ball and chain
    I heard Texas dictates what gets put in text books, isn’t that scary?
    “Uh your honor. Can I just get the death penalty instead? Or is marriage my death sentence?”
    A court-mandated Shotgun Wedding.
    Separation of Church and State: Optional in Texas.
    Punch a man in the jaw = You better marry your girlfriend? What’s the logic here?
    He ended the sentence by shouting, “YEEHA! pew pew pew”
    Worst Simpsons Opening Ever
    “Er, uh, marriage and Jesus will fix ya!”
    Even Judge Dredd would go “that’s messed up”
    “Punch a guy…get married.” Kill a guy…go visit your grandparents in the nursing home”
    “This fall, coming to NBC…”
    Marriage counseling- you’re doing it wrong
    You hit someone? Your punishment will be spins wheel to marry your gf and pulls paper out of a bag write down Bible verses!”
    Judge Adam: Shotgun Wedding Cases
    Texas logic: a man and woman can be forced to get married, but a same-sex couple who wants to get married can’t. What the fuck?
    His next means of sentencing will be “Bust a deal, spin the wheel.”
    Nothing says a strong marriage like having it be a punishment for Assault.
    You know the girlfriend is in good hands with this one Judge.
    “And that, kids, is how I met your mother.”
    Guilty, Punishment you will marry this gir- what?! or you will go to jail, any questions?
    Marriage is between one felon and one surprised girlfriend.
    “Case dismissed. Bring out the dancing lobsters.”
    This looks like a job for Doctor Bees!!!
    Did they Summon the Beekeeper?
    Sounds like he was in a hurry. Guess he wanted to make a BEELINE.
    Be careful they don’t sting James.
    To paraphrase TS Elliott “this is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a bee”.
    Maybe they were going to see if Mila Kunis was royalty.
    Bee Movie 2: The Subway Reckoning
    I think he was trying to reenact the E-Helmet episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force where Meatwad attacked Shake with a box of bees.
    “I am tired of these motherfucking bees on this motherfucking train!!!!”
    Dumbass used Attack Order! It’s super effective!
    This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, with a “no, I got it”.
    Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo? (Yes yes, track 29) Holy shit, look at the bees!
    You sir are not the Flash
    American Pie: The Naked Drugs Mile
    FLASH! Ahh-Ahhh! He’ll streak everyone of us, he’ll streak eveyone one of us. He crash his truck, ruin your day and then waave his junk in a FLASH!!!
    The American Pie/Fast and the Furious crossover: The Naked Pile-Up
    He thought it was bumper cars. “You guys are shirts, I’ll be skins!”
    Wow, DC is going for a hard R for the upcoming Flash movie.
    He was waving SOMETHING like he just didn’t care!
    Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish God! Help me Allah! AAAAAHHH! Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft on me to get the fire off me!
    Newest Marvel villain: “The Flesh” his powers include super speed, but only when naked.
    “I’m invisible, can you see me?”
    “I’m channeling the Speed Force! I’m channeling the Speed Force!”
    “I saw him run right thru our campin’ site, he was buck naked! Screaming, and holding a bananer!…wait, maybe it weren’t a bananer…”
    Benny Hill, not a larp
    Life is a highway, he’s gonna streak it all night long.
    The Emperor’s New Traffic Accident
    In case of naked man on the highway… do not look at this point this is normal
    “Save me Oprah Winfrey!”
    Streaking Level 10 complete.
    “Ask Me Another, Then Put on Some Pants”
    Naked Home Companion.
    The Naked American
    Hey its the sequel spinoff of Naked and Afraid, Naked and Agitated
    Imagine as the naked man runs down the road, condoms full of heroin falling out of his asshole.
    “I’m very particular about what goes in my vagina.” -Tara Deenihan,
    If a dog relieves himself on a street lamp, urine trouble!
    Air Drone Crane Game with inmates
    Wait, is it Vaginal Poison or Vaginal Overdose?

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