WTFIWWY Live – Who Peed in Your Cereal?

This week: getting your ass handed to you in the most literal sense, how the “Internet of Things” turns into the “Impending Lawsuit” and what happens when Bruce Banner forgets to change into the Hulk …

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  1. So that one guy was trying to imitate Daniel, and ended up imitating first century Christians instead.


  3. I miss the hippo!

  4. oh god tara was amazing that night i can’t stop laughing XD jesus

    Seriously people we need to kick out the tea partiers out of our government they are going to kill us its looking like 1900s up in here

  5. lilith_ascennding

    Having been to South Africa and witnessed both Christian and traditional religious practices (actually watched a witch doctor get possessed, but that’s another story.), all I can say about Lion Prophet is that his ancestors must really have it out for him.

  6. That god was kind of a cunt.

  7. That first story makes me gad that I’ve been on an organic, no corn, no soy, diet for over ten years.
    Actually, I didn’t even like Rice Crispies (or rice crispy treats, for that matter) as a kid.

    (I ate Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, and Life cereals.)

  8. The first story should have been written thusly…
    A local man, claiming to be a “prophet” attempted to convince visitors at a local zoo, by pretending to go into a trance, then spouting gibberish, claiming that it was an actual language, imparted to him by the Holy Spirit (he did not specify which language) before jumping into the lion exhibit, claiming that God would give him power over the lions, just as in the Biblical story of Daniel.
    The lions subsequently attempted to eat him, with one lioness actually biting off his buttocks, before zookeepers rescued him.
    There is no word yet on his mental condition.
    The phenomenon of people spouting gibberish and claiming to be speaking “in tongues”, goes back to a biblical story in which several followers of Jesus were granted the ability to speak in foreign languages, by the Holy Spirit, in order to carry the gospel to other nations.

  9. That last story, though…how the hell did I not hear about this in the local news?! I live in Lewisberry, and I know the exact location of the Motel 6 mentioned in the news story.

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