WTF@TFW: The Big Popeyes Hupla – Vangelus

Escalation is at hand.

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A boy who became a man(child), whose lifelong hobbyist passion is the pursuit of toy.  Check out reviews, live through kit-builds, and survive whatever else may come.  Don't worry, The Subtitles will stay by your side...most of the time.

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  1. I’d say Burger King is inconsistent. I hear all the time of people who talk about how their Burger King is bad, but then they had it elsewhere and thought it was fine.

    The Burger King I know is great. Their fries are still the best–even if they aren’t fresh, like McDonald’s have to be. Their beef by itself is so-so, but it works with all the other toppings. Their chicken is one of the best. And their experimental stuff is usually good, like Chicken fries and such.

    I’d eat there more often, but McDonald’s is right next door, and always cheaper.

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