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We talk about adaptations, the voice of the narrator, and why this bunch of weird sisters just don’t quite work for me.

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  1. Huh. I never heard about this before but I do remember you talking about Discworld before.

  2. Heh. Actually I saw this a long time ago and…yeah, it’s lacking, but still decent. I find the Soul Music adaptation much more fun, though it’s made by the same people. (Have you done that one yet? I can’t remember.) Then again, it _is_ the same animation company that made Danger Mouse and Count Duckula, so you can’t go TOO wrong…

    And ya know? Your explanation of why adaptations of Discworld don’t work just made me realise that that’s also the reason _another_ franchise I like never works outside of print form! In this case, “Oh! My Goddess!” (aka “Aa! Megamisama!”) There are two main animated versions, one a sappy four-episode OVA and the other a two full-length seasons series. And _neither of them gets it quite right_.

    Oh My Goddess does have its romantic sappy side, to be sure, but the manga is very heavily a COMEDY! And what causes a lot of this humour? Why, the snarky asides in smaller text put in between and under the picture frames, naturally. Course, that isn’t the anime’s WHOLE problem–they also leave out a lot of the silly that just visually _happens_ and throw darkness/drama in where it never was for its own sake…but there’s a good bit of snarky asides in the form of kinda footnotes-but-not-really that are said BY the characters but to themselves or under their breath. Cut out the narrator, and we have another thing where you dilute or even alter the entire tone.

    None of this is interesting to anybody but me, probably, but I just realised how the Discworld adaptation example could apply to other things too. Probably quite a few–this is just the first example that popped into my head, from the sample of Series I Actually Know. 😛

  3. I was sure I had read this book, but the story did not ring a bell at all..

    Hurrah! I now have one more discworld book, even after the death of the author!

  4. TheRottenLeprechaun

    My biggest problem of the adaptation was the pacing. Because they wanted to include *everything* they left no time for any gaps of any kind. All conversation had to be spoken so fast, no pauses between speakers.

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