Wytches – LOTD

A story from Scott Snyder about witches!

If you’re having trouble watching this video on the current player, you can view it on youtube here.

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  1. lilith_ascennding

    One of my first Image comics AND the theme to Suspiria? Oh, Moarte, you spoil me!. But seriously, I loved Wytches and I was kind of sad that it ended on a cliffhanger. The universe was so cool and I would have loved to have stayed there just a little bit longer. Oh well, that just shows how well written the comic is. The art is so-so, definitely a bit dirty at points, but the designs of the characters and the monsters are good. It’s definitely thanks to comics like Wytches and Wayward that I found Image Comics and rekindled my love for Western graphic novels.

  2. At first, I read the description as saying “Zack Snyder”. Hahaha.

  3. Holy cow, I just started reading this! I’ll save the episode for after I finish.

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