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Mulder and Scully wind up investigating the murder of a poultry inspector in rural America, and things get banjo-playing very quickly.

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  1. It would have been more appropriate for Mulder to talk about the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea than the Anasazi. Not only did the Fore engage in funerary cannibalism, they actually had a name for the prion disease that affected them as a result of the cannibalism (kuru.)
    And you’re right, btw. Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease is a nasty, nasty disease.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    “Fowl play” – man, you have egg all over your face from that one!

  3. FeraligatrReturns

    Man, whatever dark god that cult worships has an interesting sense of humor. He makes it so his followers can obtain immortality through cannibalism, but doesn’t make them immune to the prion diseases it can cause. I bet the next town over is filled with mutant vampires whose powers can heal any disease or injury, EXCEPT blood borne pathogens.

    • I would like to introduce you to the God Sithrak.
      “Have you noticed life is cruel and insensible?”
      That’s because the creator is angry and insane…”

  4. This was actually one of my fav episodes. I like how they used a real disease and its vectors to solve a supernatural problem.

    Also, wasn’t this plot stolen for the movie “We are What We Are”?

  5. It has been a Lloong time since I saw this episode but isn’t every member of the cult now infected with the disease?

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