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ERod ensures that the Children of The Atom meet their Extinction.

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  1. Batman-Credit-Card

    WAAAAAAY bettet than your latest episodes!!! Love the changes you made. Still missing clips from the movie, but very happy about the way you did this episode!

  2. I think you might have actually found a good balance with these. Yes, it’s not as good as your older reviews but I think that this new series is still enjoyable enough. I actually liked this movie despite thinking that the next main X-Men movie should be the last. I also thought that Storm’s backstory and the Wolverine scene in this movie were odd. On the subject of Storm, she became a good guy at the end because she saw Apocalypse choke Mystique. Still, the action scenes were good, that Quicksilver scene was amazeballs, and Fassbender was a stand-out in this movie.

    • “that Quicksilver scene was amazeballs”

      Too bad it was an almost exact copy of his scene in “Days of Future Past”, only in a different place and with a different song.

      I agree with Erod; these movies have too many different continuities to the point where it’s almost impossible to determine when each film is supposed to taking place. This movie was a disappointment on many levels. The film’s promotion mad such a big deal out of teenage Storm and she did next to nothing of note in the movie (also, I hated how the movie claimed that it was Apocalypse who gave storm her white hair when in the comics she was just born with it). 20th Century Fox should just reboot the whole X-Men franchise because it’s a complete mess. And no more of the “Charles, Erik and Raven Show”. Please.

      • Two of the so called errors have been answered in previous and future films. To quote one of the top comments on YT.

        “7:01 Actually, Logan went into the military and volunteered for Weapon X like in the old timeline. This was hinted at in LOGAN and confirmed by the writers.

        7:57 Trask in The Last Stand is never called Bolivar in the film or the credits. He was just called Secretary Trask. So its just two guys with the same last name. So it really an error.”

  3. Good review, I see you’re getting the hang of blending the new skits in with the commentary.

    My biggest gripe with X-Men apocalypse was that it was another X-Men plot revolving around Magneto wavering between good and evil, and that a few days after watching it I’d forgotten most of it.

    It’s all flash and fanservice, very little plot or character.

  4. Okay E-Rod, now this is much better! I appreciate you taking in some of constructive criticism and applying with what little budget you had to make do with.

    As for the movie, I appreciated this movie. Was it great? I guess. Was it a piece of shit? No. What was the best? I’d lean towards X2 or Days of Future Past.

    I believe Storm joined Apocalypse because she saw what he could do first hand and didn’t want to die. As for some of the characters’ timelines, Days of Future Past changed all that by changing what would happen in the 70s to that particular timeline.

    Bottom Line: this movie was meant FOR fans. May not be a big hit, but it’s a good step I suppose.

  5. The Real Silverstar

    I remember seeing the first trailer for “X-Men: Apocalypse” and noticing it was once again set in the First Class continuity and thinking “Why?”. I thought the whole purpose of “Days of Future Past” was to untie the 2 timelines and retcon the events of X3 out of existence; so why is Fox still milking the prequel thing? I figured the next movie(s) would be set in the present day with the 2000’s actors.

    ERod made a lot good points here: why toss in a ton o’ bonus characters (Storm, Nightcralwer, Psylocke, Jubilee, Angel, Havok) and not do anything with them? Why have Apocalypse toss all the world’s nukes into the sun (probably not a good idea in and of itself) if his goal is to kill everybody instead of just nuking the whole planet? Just how old is Angel is which back story is it? If this is 10 years after DoFP, then how come none of the characters look like they’ve aged a day? So it a decade later and Quicksiver is STILL a teenager living in his mom’s basement? They don’t *all* have healing factors which slow down their aging process, that’s just Logan. And can we please stop pretending that Mystique was ever an X-Man now? When Storm said she idolized Mystique and considered her her hero I nearly threw up in my mouth; it happened again when Katniss Mystique gave that speech to the X-Men at the end. And these movies’ take on Beast is so wrong it’s not even funny.

    The fact that Fox is once again going with Jean Grey already having the Phoenix and basically making her Carrie tells me that Fox is just going to continue to screw things up even further. I suggest another reboot.

    • Apocalypse only wanted to wipe out modern technology and make a new Egypt which he would rule. This is stated in the movie. Can’t have that if the world is a radioactive wasteland.

      Evan Peters(the guy who plays Quicksilver) is 30 years old. Why do you think he was a teenager.

      Mystique was a X-Man in the mid-2000s and is currently one now in the comics.

      You haven’t read much Phoenix stories have you?

      • The Real Silverstar

        “Evan Peters(the guy who plays Quicksilver) is 30 years old. Why do you think he was a teenager.”

        Mm, I don’t know, maybe it was because he was playing a teenager alongside other 20-30 year old actors who were also playing teenagers.

        “You haven’t read much Phoenix stories have you?”

        I don’t have to have read a ton of Phoenix stories to know that immediately jump-cutting to the big fiery bird without the buildup that makes the transformation interesting is a bad idea; we’ve already seen that tactic fail in X3. I don’t have to step in crap twice to know it stinks.

        • And where was it stated that he was a teenager? No where. You just guessed that he was. Judging from promotions he never was in the films.

          The Phoenix appeared immediately in the comics too. Seven issues after giant-sized X-Men to be exact, without any foreshadowing. No, offense but it seems that you haven’t read any Phoenix story to me. Not to mention the thing has been build-up since X2, making your argument rather moot.

          • “And where was it stated that he (Quicksilver) was a teenager?”

            In Days of Future Past after Wolverine travels back in time 20 years, he says that he knows someone who could break into the building. “He (again, Quicksilver) would just be a kid in this time.”, and XMA supposedly takes place 10 years after DoFP (even though none of the characters look like they’ve aged a day), so…teenager. You either missed that part of the film or you chose to ignore it.

            In any case, X-Men: Apocalypse was a very flawed movie, regardless of Quicksilver’s age. Pietro could have been 15 years old or 150, the movie would still suck.

          • First off, Wolverine went back in time from 2023 to 1973. That is way more to than 20 years. Secondly, that statement doesn’t give us an exact age since people in their 20 are often referred to as “kids” by older people.

            Yes, the movie is flawed but alot of it’s criticisms are not very valid.

          • The Real Silverstar

            And no offense meant to you, but your entire argument is moot because none of this comic book trivia makes this movie any better. It’s still a bad flick, even with geek level comics knowledge.

      • Except every time Mystique has become an X-men it’s either been because she was a double agent, or because she was forced. Like with X-Factor.
        She’s never been an X-man because she wants to help mankind

  6. Erod, the question of how Charles Xavier was brought back after his body was destroyed in X3 was addressed; at the end of the movie, Charles transferred his consciousness into the body of his previously unmentioned comatose twin brother. Highly contrived, yes, but it was explained. However, he movie doesn’t bother to explain how Charles would still be confined to a wheel afterwards, unless his brother was also shot in the spine and unable to walk. In addition, it seems odd that the greatest telepath on Earth never tried to bring his brother out of his coma.

    • Thanks to DOFP, nothing that we saw in X1-X3 happened the way we remember anyways. Logan woke up from his time traveling, surprisingly encountered a still-alive Xavier and asked “what happened for the last 30 years since it’s all different now?”

  7. HermioneHotpants

    I guess it’s pointless to mention that I’d rather watch Irate Gamer than watch this new… “style”… of Erod.

  8. I kind of like this movie.
    Sure, Apocalypse did a stupid thing by getting rid of all the nukes, but he is not that lame a villain.
    Also, i liked what they did with Storm here. I see it as being taken in by Apocalypse. She was a dumb desperate kid, and here comes this big foreboding father figure who gives her protection and power and ‘seems’ to help other mutants. I can see why she’d be taken in by that.
    And the numerous subplots do not bother me that much.
    I agree with you on other points, though.
    Still, i liked this better than First Class.

    • Two things stuck out for me as disliking this movie. The first was Apocalypse pretty much just waking up and within minutes deciding to rule the world. It had to be a record for fastest villain motivation of any movie. The second is making the so much of this timeline about Jennifer Lawrence. I have no problems with her as an actress, but this is the X-Men franchise, not the Mystique Movies.

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