X-Men Apocalypse – Comic Book Issues

The Last Angry Geek gives his thoughts on the 3rd X-men prequel film. Is it the end all of superhero films or the death of comic book movies?

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No way. The quicksilver scene was definitely better. And Cylops has always been my favorite X-Man!! Sad to see him truely done justice in ANY of these movies. James marsden as Cyclops? it’s hard to know if that casting choice was wrong, or we just NEVER got to see the character shine. As Marsden’s Cyclops never really did anything but fill space, and remain in the background. This version of young Cyclops is about the best we’ve got but, that’s still a far-cry from the badass X-Men leader that Cylops usually is. Olivia Munn as Psylocke was a GLORIOUS casting… Read more »
I honestly don’t get why so many people appear to like this film. For me, it’s roughly on part if not slightly worse than Batman v Superman — some good stuff, but whereas BvS surrounded that good stuff with a lot of grimness that made no sense, this one was fluff that made even less sense. If I can highlight some of my issues: * Magneto’s family This scene gets a lot of praise, but I frankly hated it. I knew they were dead the moment they appeared. Magneto doesn’t NEED any more reason to hate humanity. So all this… Read more »

Proofread before hitting post, damnit!

Robert Bateman

In relation to “not quite fitting into the eighties”:

In one scene there was a can of TAB.

This is an acronym for “Totally Artificial Beverage”.

I drank this pop as a child.

The pop was sweetened with saccharin.

On the side of the can there was a label about saccharin causing cancer in laboratory animals.

This can of TAB really felt like the 80s for me.

Here’s the thing for me: I was a Cyclops fan, up until the moment they decided to ‘get the band back together again’ with the comic “X-Factor”. In order to do that, they had Scott, who had always been a ‘follow the rules’ type of guy, and loyal to his friends (and of course that goes without saying his family), up and LEAVE HIS WIFE AND CHILD once he learns that Jean is alive again!?!?! Only much later does he decide to check back in on them. I think it was executive meddling that made this happen (just to get… Read more »