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Chris Stuckmann reviews X-Men.

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Chicken Puppet

I like how you stressed the importance of this film to the super hero genre. I had X2 on DVD and watched it with an older co-worker friend when we had some downtime at work one day.

Of course he hadn’t seen the first one, but was blown away by it, he had no idea a comic book movie could tell a mature story with complex characters.

I will say that Tim Burton’s Batman from 1989 was really the first modern adult superhero movie, but it was also a stylish romance with no actual superpowers. (still a great film, too)


What do you mean “no actual superpowers”? How many times do I have to explain this to people? Batman Does have a superpower. He has the power to be Batman. What other superpower does he need?

And the Kevin Conroy Batman also had the power to be Vengeance and The Night.


I get the feeling you don’t like Origins. Haha. Also, yeah, I’m so thankful that X-Men kinda managed to get the superhero genre up and going again. While I don’t mind the depth, I like cool action scenes even more. Lastly, as a kid, I used to watch re-runs of the X-Men cartoon so it was really cool. ^.^