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The BGP crew plays X-Men on the original NES. The one where they are REALLY welcome to die.

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  1. LOL at the title pic.

    I remember wanting this game after watching the VHS of Pryde of the X-Men and my parents got it for me and my brother. We literally couldn’t beat ANY of the stages and haven’t played the game since. I think I still have it at my parent’s house since I’m a pack rat and don’t get rid of things.

    And yes, not being able to escape the danger room is like a fate worse than death.

  2. The Real Silverstar

    Wow, that game looked horrible. The stages all looked the same, they were impossible to beat and none of the sprites looked a tiny bit like the characters they were supposed to represent. Granted, it was the NES, but I’ve seen better sprites on NES games.

    The Wolverine sprite looked like he was wearing a Freddy Krueger sweater, and why even have him in the game if he’s gonna be declawed? You play Wolverine for the claws. It’s like that lame PlayStation title X-Men: Mutant Academy which had Mystique as a playable character but she couldn’t morph into anybody (she just carried around a big honking gun). I get that there were technical limitations (with the PS1’s engine you would have had to sit through long loading times every time she changed form), but that being the case, why have Mystique in the game at all if she’s not going to do the thing she’s known for?

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