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X-Men Days of Future Past has a really messed up ending.

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  1. Maybe when Professor X said “welcome back” its because he knew for all that time that eventually the time traveling Wolverine would come to him with roughly 40 years of different memories, and had come up with a plan to use his psychic powers (probably combining his efforts with Kitty Pryde’s) to restore the proper memories, or at least send him back a few times so he could get re-acquainted with himself just by observing his life.

    Also think about poor Shadowcat who had to stand over Wolverine’s head for like 3 or 4 days without taking any breaks. Remember the HISHE joke “I HAVE TO PEE!”

  2. Maybe they can use that, if they ever do want some character development, to explain why this Wolverine would want to be a better person seeing how he replaced a better himself? No? 🙂

  3. I agree that it’s kinda messed-up to expect Logan to fit into someone else’s lifestyle, but I’m not sure it’s fair to claim he killed the Old Logan. From the point of view of *other* people, sure, it looks like he did, but in reality, New Logan never existed.

    The universe rewrote itself from crapsack world with Old Logan mind in Old Logan’s body, to better world with Old Logan in New Logan’s body. New Logan’s mind doesn’t appear, at any point in time, to have existed. People *remember* it, sure, but at no point in time was it really there.

    And even if New Logan did exist, if think we that time travel caused him to retroactively exist…he can’t complain that Old Logan overwrote him. His entire existence hinges on the fact that, decades in the future, Old Logan rewrote Old Logan’s universe into his universe, and took his place…without that happening, New Logan doesn’t exist at all!

    And, honestly, Xavier knew all this was coming, and him grabbing some of New Logan’s memories to put in Old Logan when he showed up makes sense.

    OTOH, there is a way that the ending is sorta messed up, because it killed all the *other* people in the old universe, who just disappeared, some of them probably never existing at all.

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