X-Men: The Last Stand – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews X-Men: The Last Stand.

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Small nitpick: what you call “the second half” isn’t half the movie. The big action scene only makes up 30-45 minutes of a 100 minute movie. And I didn’t think the end credit scenes were negating the developement of the characters. If anything, they open possibilities for further developement. Magneto living as human might change his outlook on humanity (either making him more radical in his hatred or maybe making him appreciate them more). Rogue “giving up” her powers might make her more careless and indadvertantly make her do something really nasty, when they resurface (maybe a parallel to the… Read more »

Your review on this makes me finally understand why I like this movie while most don’t. I could take or leave the drama aspect. I go for the action scenes primarily and so I didn’t notice the lack of drama in this movie. The only thing I don’t like about this movie is that it seems bleaker than any of the other X-Men movies or maybe it’s just not done right. I mean, Days of Future Past did bleak well so I don’t know.

Love triangles generally suck as storytelling devices. If you have one, that’s fine. When you shoehorn more than one in, it gets old very quick. We already had one in Logan/Jean/Scott. So why have one with Kitty/Rogue/Bobby? Because the idea that Rogue could lose Bobby if he becomes interested in Kitty. But that in and of itself is very shallow. I think if the whole thing just focused on Rogue’s own desire to be able to touch anyone – ANYONE, and not just out of jealousy over her boyfriend – it would have worked. It would have been Rogue’s decision… Read more »

Ah, X-men: The Last Stand. Also the Last time I paid to see an X-men movie in theatres.

Daniel Brizuela

I really love Last Stand, it may not be perfect but Wolverine is awesome, the mutant cure storyline is interesting, and the final fight is spectacular.