Yamcha Strongest?! The Yamcha Manga Part 2 – A Dragonball Discussion

Yamcha has been historically labelled as the fallguy of Dragon Ball…but is that about to change? Shueisha and Shonen Jump Plus have unveiled an official side story of the franchise where Yamcha is the hero, not Goku! What madness is this?! Is this a moment of madness or a glorious publicity stunt?! Allow me to delve into this release and show you the score.

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  1. If he plays his cards right, maybe Nu-Yamcha can get with Zangya… I know the movies aren’t canon but neither is this if you think about it.

  2. If they want to make a new story without ruining the original continuity of the Dragonball They should just have this Yamcha Hook up with Launch, Toriama completely for got launch existed by this point and we never really saw her again.I can’t wait to see Yamcha get his potential unleashed by Elder Kai. Or maybe He’ll make a wish on the Dragonballs to become a SUPER SAIYAJiN GOD SUPERSAIYAJIN 4!

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