Yes, Australia Is A Country – WTFIWWY Live

This week: he is the very model of a fake Lieutenant General! Also a ridiculous amount of ingenious stupidity to circumvent zoning laws, and a battle in the the skies above us … over flatulence …

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  1. Africa is not a country? I must have had one of those teachers is middle school.

  2. It’s perfectly safe to go through an X-Ray machine. In fact, you’ll absorb way more radiation flying than you will in a single pass through a typical scanner. Medical scanners aren’t that much radiation either. The reason the technicians run out of the room is because if they stayed in with you, they’d be taking thousands of doses of radiation a year, which WOULDN’T be safe.

  3. Had to redo the first verse of Modern Major General in honor of the fake Lieutenant General. Here it is:

    I am the very model of a fake Lieutenant General,
    with vehicles aerial, oceanic, and terrestrial.
    I know the chief commander and complete a mission critical,
    but please don’t ask me to recall my most sacred vows marital.
    I’m very well acquainted with matters auto-mechanical.
    I understand car engines both modern and cherry classical.
    About military strategy, I’m brimming with a lot of views…
    Lot of views… what was it? Oh, I’ve got it!
    With clever thoughts about this helicopter’s meandering route.
    I’m very good at imitating personas most generous.
    I know the benefits of being wildly spontaneous.
    In short, in matters cerebral, physical, and strategical
    I am the very model of a fake Lieutenant General!

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