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The hit cartoon makes it to the big screen, and we’re so glad? Nostalgia Critic looks over the “live action” version of Yogi Bear.

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  1. amazing review once again.This movie is probably my biggest guilty pleasure for nostalgia reasons. I know its god awful but the blu ray 3d is excellent and I love how the opening WB logo is made of wood. Could you please review the awful animated film Planet 51 next and keep up the amazing work.

  2. Why is Channel Awesome using this terrible Vimeo again? It keeps stopping!

  3. A REALTransformers Fan

    Wow, no shameless Stardust plug this episode. Good.

  4. Wow am I glad I saw how crappy this movie was going to be from the trailers and never watched it. Also yay no annoying Stardust ad 😀

  5. Honore de Ballsack

    there’s never been a good movie with a waterskiing scene in it, I know that.
    Yet another shitty live action version of a cartoon that manages to be even dumber than the original cartoon, and with ANY HB cartoon, that takes some doing. Plus it’s one of many, many bad movies with ex Saturday Night Live people.
    The pissing comment was offensive.

  6. Okay, now somebody needs to make an edit of this movie with lines/scenes of Thawne/Dr. Wells from the Flash.

  7. I loved the Yogi cartoon where he woke up during winter and got to experience his first x-mas.

    He should have stayed a cartoon.

  8. I watched the cartoon it was good nothing special but i liked it
    Until the rug scene it was quite a wonderful opening and sad like he wanted to save you from reviewing it
    Meh ok movie
    Something strange is happening with you three
    So he is talking about how he likes her and people freak out what is with people

  9. Well, I had no idea this existed.

  10. I used to love yogi bear, damn this movie!

  11. No good films involving gliders? I dunno… I kinda liked Fly Away Home…

  12. I had completely forgotten this movie even existed.

    I don’t think that was a wrong decision.

  13. Thanks to Doug, I now know how to pronounce Tom’s last name.

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