Yomarz – Immobile – Sonic Ripoffs

Yomarz plays some of the copyright infringiest Sonic games on the Google Play store. Why rip off Sonic the Hedgehog? Who knows?

About Yomarz

Hi I'm Yomarz! I really like video games! I also really like making videos about video games! So I decided to make a video channel to host my videos about video games. I make reviews and other gaming-related videos so if you're into that then check me out! The videos, I mean. Not me. Well... me if you want.


  1. The wrath of Sanic.

    With Knuckles.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Sonic got dat ass XD!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      I’m probably only gonna play zody 2 outta all these games since you played that for the most time and its the most playable outta the three. Cool video and do more of these so we can get more content from you,plz?

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