Yomarz: Prop Hunt

The morose meandering of a melancholy melon.

About Yomarz

Hi I'm Yomarz! I really like video games! I also really like making videos about video games! So I decided to make a video channel to host my videos about video games. I make reviews and other gaming-related videos so if you're into that then check me out! The videos, I mean. Not me. Well... me if you want.


  1. Yomarz, I don’t know what you were smoking or drinking when making this video, but I will never eat a watermelon again.


  2. Thank you. Too often, our society focuses on matters that diverge from what we truly are lacking. We feel the need to perplex the substance of an agenda, a spirit, an idea, to the point that aspiration becomes that of a prospect instead of a construct. Every day I hear someone speaking of the indignities that plague our institution while not respecting any proclamations established decades, or even centuries, ago. Along with this, probably nobody wants to ascertain the crucial qualities that insist upon our very nature. We squander, we plunder, we eat, we sleep, and we do it all over again the next day.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow that we the stupidest video I’ve seen from you….

    And yet really weird!!!!

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