Yomarz Show: Cabela’s Survival – Shadows of Katmai

Who knew that surviving was so easy?

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  1. This truly was the greatest hunting experience ever.

  2. Wow…the snow on the character’s clothes is terrible.

  3. The popularity of the Cabela games continues to confound me. Like, I get that there’s a market for this sort of game, but why is this a market without any better competition? You’d think someone else would go after that hunting enthusiast money.

  4. sooooo…. that’s a game I guess. hey, at least you reviewed it so now I never have to. you’re doing us all a great service.

  5. 6:21 – The dog’s name is Torgo? This needs some serious 4 repeating notes played on a clarinet.


  6. this is supposed to be a hunting game? reminds me of the golf game in southpark that simulates marriage troubles und unnecessairy violence with tiger woods

  7. This game reminds me of Cursed Mountain for the Wii.

    A good, but sometimes maddening, game.

  8. The “oh god oh man oh god” reference was gold.

  9. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I don’t really think that was a hunting game…it’s more like a talk to a crazy man,do unnecessary stuff,shoot random things,talk to a crazy man,and climb rocks game mostly

  10. Soooooo…. the Chachka is the Balrog? xD

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