Yomarz Show Minisodes – Pyongyang Racer

Today we find out the truth about the most oppressed country in the world.

If for some reason you want to play this game and support the North Korean video game industry, click here.

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  1. I hear if the great leader is driving in his motorcade, his armed escorts execute anyone that gets in their path. if you’re a poor schlub walking down the street and the fearless leader takes a stroll, you dead, son.

  2. Well, this took a turn pretty fast.

  3. Yomarz is da best

  4. It would be cool to have the t shirt.

  5. You never made it to the second stage? It takes place on the roof of DPRK’s Only Theme Park… But saying that, it features no less than 400 roller coasters. Also, that’s where all the citizens hang out too to just have fun and spend time with the Dear Leader.

  6. Nice attempt to hide the truth with your pseudo-conspiracy joke ending, but your little piece of disinformation by mockery can do nothing to obscure the real conspiracy that this game lays bare for all to see, namely that Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing was actually produced by North Korea!

    This game is obviously nothing but a *very* slight upgrade of Big Rigs in which they’ve managed to finally repair a few of Big Rigs’ notorious bugs (such as passing harmlessly through all buildings & obstacles) but hardly all of them. In particular, Big Rigs’ core experience of being a racing game where you never actually race anyone while driving through a depopulated, lifeless world remains intact.

    (Seriously, it looks so similar to Big Rigs that I almost half believe this.)


    RIP Yomarz

  8. I WAS enjoying Yomarz’s videos…
    A moment of silence, please. Your struggle will be remembered.

  9. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah north korea has something that actually doesn’t suck.Thanks video yomarz. I love your rant at the end. The sony hack was a lie and kim jong un is evil.

  10. It’s our Uncle Sam’s Military-Industrial Complex Illuminati’s New World Order agenda that is to blame for it’s warmongering.

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